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Steven Ash

From: Steven Ash

Category: Drumming

Sacred Drumming Course

From ancient times drum has been used in society for uniting opposites, for bringing people together. Whether it is for working as a team, marching to war, dancing to wild music, pulling ships ashore, singing around the blazing fire or for healing, drum has been the vessel that calls “without” words, demands attention by clearing and cutting through with sound synchronising the heart rate, bringing the breathing into union, wiping away the differences that separate one from another.
It is the healing aspect of the drum that is fascinating, the way, the journey of going within is made so much clearer and with greater ease by using the steady pulse of drum, drum holds the attention in focus and guide us to a positive outcome. Truly drumming crosses the barriers between the different levels of consciousness in shamanic terms drum assists us in moving through the veils between the worlds. But it is not just drum as an instrument that is important, it is the drummer. The drummer holds the intent that is carried out of the drum with each beat.
If the drummer is not to sure of where he or she is going the drum beat will carry their insecurity as an outward travelling message. Where do we have the opportunity to learn to drum in a way that draws on the drummers power to heal? It is in learning within the group, working with people who have experience in not only the science and art of medicine but in healing’s relationship to sound and music.
Recently we were invited to present sacred drumming at an earth healing congress in Warsaw, Poland. We were above the city swimming pool, in a huge square windowless room containing a hundred plus people, in a circle we settled to the sound of a small drum and rattle. Renata, Roza and I guided these sincere loving people who willingly pooled healing love into focus together like a laser beam.
As a team we travelled on the drum sound from one war torn region of the Earth to the next, pouring compassion and love into the Earth Mother. These people of Warsaw know about pain, it is embedded in the bricks of the buildings and plaster of the walls the air, the energy field is thick with unresolved opposites.
The Sacred Drumming Practitioners Course gives you confidence to handle small to large groups in ceremonial drum healing helping you to help others in their journey of individual transformation. Understanding of the Earth as sacred landscape, this will empower you towards being an earth keeper.
The Sacred Drumming course has been acclaimed as life changing by many of the past students, it is a bridge between the opposites of science and shamanism, shadow and light. The teachers Renata and Steven Ash walk comfortably between the two worlds and pass on a lineage of a balanced vision for prospective students of sound healing.

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