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Sound4Healing a Way Ahead?

Sound is all around us. Sometimes we are conscious of it. Sometimes we choose to indulge in it, sometimes we are forced to endure it. Over the centuries sound has been found to be a force for good, pleasure and harmony. It has also shown up as destructive, stressful and harmful.

The walls of Jericho came tumbling down as a response tosound, we are informed though biblical texts.  The Russians and probably other nations too,explored the use of Sound as an instrument of war. More recently a company is developing a powered megaphone type device that can be used to temporarily confuse and disturb the minds of a mob or crowd as a non-lethal way of disarming such groups.

There are of course a many different aspects to the use sound.  Most of us have favourite music, or sounds(the sea or a babbling brook for example) that induce calm and even feelings ofpleasure. In fact if we move onto the effects of sound, we have over the past50 years been given insight into what affects the life and health of the cellsthat make up each of our being. Anyone who has delved into the work of BruceLipton (The Biology of Belief for example) will have been alerted to the factthat the environment is responsible for the majority of our cell health anddevelopment.  He also highlights a factthat an energetic interventions to the body have been found to be up to 100times more potent than a chemical one. The implications for this simple pieceof information are truly enormous and if followed through on, couldrevolutionise the way we structure and use our so named Health Service.

There may too be some merit in suggesting that apart fromthe emergency care provision in the UK Health Service, most of the chemicalbased health interventions could be replaced within 30 or 40 years withenergetic ones, if enough resources were channelled in this way.  Yes the mind can affect health;  stand up please the placebo effect!.  There is also an opposite not so much talked about– a nocebo effect.  Yes diet can have ahuge effect on well-being and longevity; take a bow for diet based on personalconstitution. Yes the body is a complex machine that needs service andmaintenance; sensible exercise in moderation will, little doubt, extend thequality of life in a person’s total years (and even extend the total too!).

Quantum physics is showing us ways ahead that were beingstifled by the dyed-in-the-wool Cartesian approach.  As beings we are so much more than thechemistry set that the allopathic medical practitioner may have usbelieve.  In time many of such highlypaid licensed medical practitioners may prove to be members of a modern dayflat-earth society.  The new science ofepigenetics is opening up exciting avenues and possibilities for the future.

However let us get down to more subtle effect on the humanbeing.  Briefly we will consider sound,some well-known effects some partially grounded in fact and some morespeculative:

At a cellular level:

·        Some sound frequencies have been found toincrease Nitric Oxide activity in cells. It is postulated that this is antibacterial, anti-viral and may evenboost the immune system.  Increasing NOlevels may also help reduce hardening of arteries and is used to help in thetreatment of asthma.  American research suggeststhat particular frequencies around 128 hz can be helpful.

·        Research by a French biochemist in the 1950’ssuggest that cancer cells in a petri dish, exposed to a range of soundintervals, exploded, without side effects on healthy cells.

At an organ level:

·        The heart: Heart Rate Variability and being ableto affect the heart via the Vegus Nerve. Also being able to even out irregular heart rhythms.  These are both areas where sound, in the formof using particular frequencies has pointed towards useful results.

At a body systems level:

·        Sympathetic / Parasympathetic systems; when weare stressed the fight or flight parasympathetic system can take control of ourlives.  It is sometimes described asrunning on hot all the time.  In itschronic form this can become debilitating. Sound waves and sound therapies can help us switch out of this long termdamaging tendency.  Most forms ofrelaxation can help of course.  Specific soundtherapy options that help us switch to “happy hour” mode may have beendiscovered.

·        Brain waves are on the go every second of ourlives.  Most of us can learn some measureof control though knowledge and practice of binaural beats. This can help us behappier and even more productive in life.

Diseases and conditions:

·        There have been promising results in all kindsof areas from Autism, Demetria and even ADD.

·        Spasms can be relieved from muscles.  Stuck and painful joints have been relieved.

·        There are even claims thatwounds can heal faster with appropriate use of sound.

·        Maybe even toothache can be helped notnecessarily with the sound as such but from vibrations in toothache area.

All these areas show promise.  Sound4Healing hope in the years to come topioneer, useful, practical and demonstrably effective techniques using sound asa conscious therapy.  We know that thereis much useful work being done  under thebanner of Music Therapy, we also know that most of us enjoy a good old singsong.  So please visit our web site andshow us some support.

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