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Sound Healing studies at Rennes-le-Chateau

Just wanted to let you all know about our Sound Journey in the South of France... Awakening & Merging with the Energies and Spirit of the Land. Expand our Awareness to Sound Consciousness. Re-Activate Gateways & Vortices Via Healing Sound... 

Join us for a 8 day Southern France immersion in the Cathars country following the foot steps of Sainte Marie Madeleine in a loving and nurturing pilgrimage.   

From Rennes Le chateau and MontSegur, to walking along the route of Compostelle... Merge with the ancient mystery of the alchemists, and the subtle energies (ley line) of the land.


We will practice Sacred Sound, “prayer-toning” and meditation/reflection at the main Sacred Sites in the South of France.  We will experience the energies of the Cathar and learn about their Spiritual tradition, practice conscious walking on the road of Compostelle (Campus Stella). Learn to decode the hidden messages of the Alchemists; be one with the amazing beauty and power of the Rennes-le-Chateau region.  We will continue our journey in the famous and mysterious Mont Bugarach, feeling the many energetical doorways and vortices, visit the Bugarach Church for sacred sound and toning in the expansive acoustics of the place... 


We will learn how to connect to the Elementals around us, with the main emphasis being on opening the the Heart frequency by expanding our sound awareness. There will also be plenty of space for laughter, sharing beautiful “soul” food and local wine spirits. Time alone and time to rejuvenate our soul, body, and spirit will also be honored and encouraged!

We will begin most of the mornings with a gentle yoga and sound practice, designed to deepen the breath (pranayama).


Sacred Studies: Sound Healing / Sonologie, and Restorative Yoga:

-Sound Healing Transmission

-Holding space with the focus on Sound Awareness and unheard frequencies. 

-Working with the elemental Spirits (consciousness) of energetical key-points of the land. 

-Listen & "Sound Bless" the living frequencies of the Earth, Wind, Water and Fire.

-Learning how to send Sound Messages using leyline currents (kundalini energy of the planet) to benefit the well being of all.

-Restorative and Yin Yoga



-Sun Gazing Practice

More detail on our event page and on our website:

In Heart Resonance, Philippe Pascal Garnier

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