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Sound Healing with Tuning Forks

The music in this recording was performed using a set of pythagorean Tuning Forks, also known as “Solar Harmonic Spectrum”, covering a full octave (or Diapason). The musical intervals of this set are based on the Pythagorean Tuning, that is, the single frequency of each tone of the scale is derived from the Harmonic Series. Harmonics can be considered as the “natural” musical system, as they obey fixed mathematical laws, and they manifest specific proportions that can be found everywhere in nature. The human body is also based on this system. In particular the 2/3 ratio (the musical fifth) is the most recurring and determines the proportions between the size of different parts of our bodies. Research shows how the level of nitric oxide and the release of antivirals, antibacterials, and free radicals is directly affected by the resonance with the Perfect Fifth (and other pythagorean intervals) which, since ancient times, has been considered to have great balance qualities on the nervous system. I have created this recording of sound healing protocol sessions following the method proposed by Dr. John Beaulieu, one of the pioneers of Sound Healing with Tuning Forks. In my work as a sound healer I have gathered expeience and inspiration from many sources and the work of Dr. Beaulieu has enriched my skill set. These protocols are based on the effects that different musical intervals have on the five elements of Chinese Medicine. I often apply some of his principles in my sound healing sessions The best way to use these recordings is to listen to them through headphones of earbuds, at a low volume in a quiet place. Well placed speakers to allow a good stereo effect can also work.

Frequencies of the Pythagorean Tuning Forks octave in Hertz: C: 256 - D: 288 - E: 320 - F: 341.3 - G: 384 - A: 426.7 - B: 480 - C: 512

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