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Lyz Cooper

From: Lyz Cooper

Category: Sound Healing

Sounding the Mind of God

\\\'The mind of god is cosmic music resonating througout hyperspace\\\' Michio Kaku, quantum physicist.

We are all connected. There is no separation between you, your neighbour, the floor and the universe and yet many of us live our lives conned into thinking we are separate from each other. This illusion of separation sets up an un-healthy state of suffering at a cellular level because we are unable to align to something that is not true. This suffering is evident in the fear, anxiety, war, famine, poverty, relationship and financial issues as well as many other conditions evident in the world today.

One could argue that everything is perfect and that in order to live in bliss (which is our natural way of being) we first need to feel suffering so that we can learn from this. I believe that a little self-awareness coupled with some powerful and simple exercises with sound can give us a \\\'get out of jail free\\\' card!

When writing my book, Sounding the Mind of God my aim was to provide the reader with a wealth of different exercisess that enable them to remember who they are and reinforce their connection with the mind of god. Breath, self awareness, sacred listening exercises set the foundation for the soundwork. Exercises with Himalayan and crystal singing bowls, voice (toning, overtoning, vowel sounds) and drums allow the work to deepen. Regular use of these exercises could help improve your health and well-being and raise your consciousness.

See you in the garden of Eden!

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