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Spine and Circumference

Confirming and changing are two aspects of life that are equally important.

When we are children we are changing fast, Very fast. During this period we need a lot of confirmation, touch, care, love of all sorts. Without this we do not grow physically, emotionally or intellectually as well as we do without it.

Once we are past puberty and beginning to slow down we begin to seek things that excite us through change. challenge, danger, conflict of various types, small and large depending on situations. experiences gained in this way widen our circle of contacts, experience and broaden our thinking. In adulthood, particularly once we are set in our way of life, creating steadiness and confirmation for ourselves and our dependants it is quite easy to become single minded, take a narrow path towards our goals. set a straight line and stick to it. When times of change come again we turn to our friends for confirmation of who we are, our value and place in the world. I would suggest a parallel here between the circle of the known and a perceived ''''harmonious life'''' and see change acting to cut into our circle of safety in a knife like way. Of course nothing is that simple and it is our very willingness to embrace change that creates stability and a fixed grasping of the status quo that means that change becomes threatening, yet it is undeniably comfortable to have a circle of friends, warmth in the family circle, a rhythmic round of daily activity and weekly routine with a good flow of income and outgoings circulating in the personal economy. That one should regard these things as harmonious, or consonant with expectations is perfectly natural. That the intrusion of surprising, shocking or threatening events should be seen as disharmonious is clear, yet in when we are in times of predictable harmony we often act to create potential for disharmony in our life, seeking adventure as the composer spices the harmony with a little close harmony or dissonance. These images of circle and straight line are archetypal. From the beginning of time we have sought our gods in circles, temple domes, stone rings, kivas or wheel images. Yet we have fashioned straight weapons, spears, arrows, swords. We have sought individualism, my line of life as different from yours, separating nation from nation, tribe from tribe, with family and single individual more and more fragmenting rather than circulating together. i do not wish to judge, approve or condemn anything here. Both are needed. West and East have focussed on one way or the other. Time in eastern imagery is circular, in the west it is developmental, a line from ancient times to modern. Western religions have tended to emphasise the line of development and none more than Darwinism. Hierarchical society is linear from top down, whereas allowing individual initiative and decision making as practiced in many modern ''''experimental'''' communities creates a more circular society. It is clear that both principles are needed. The human body itself is upright with spine and each long bone being circular in section. Some see the circle as an archetype of the feminine and the straight line as Masculine. Sounding Bowls bring the circle and the straight line into a mutually dependant/supportive harmony. During the day workshops ( ) we work into the experience of these two and discover, in movement exactly how the spiral arises where circle and stright line meet each other in movement. All of Life is Being. The idea that we are conscious Objects in a world of Objects, is an extreme of a philosophy that has created a Science that examines the world with knives and lasers, having little appreciation for the power of circular perception. Waiting, Watching, Considering, Listening, all return, circular fashion to the point we study. Slowly building up understanding layer upon layer till the inner nature of anything begins to reveal itself. Long practiced in Shamanism this process is updated by Goethean Science and underlies some of the most radical advances in our understanding of the world now being made. Sounding Bowls are also a radical advance, Disguised in great simplicity they are the first and only instrument in the world with strings inside the resonator and, adding circle and line to their own line and circle they return a players perception of the moment to that person''s own intrinsic beauty, empowering in unknown ways a new sense of direction and purpose in individual lives. Is it possible to have a harmonious relationship with Dissonance?

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