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Tobias Kaye

From: Tobias Kaye

Category: Creativity

Story & Sound

Sound is one of the archetypal building blocks of the universe. Everything has its vibration, frequency, everything is in this sense a note. The simpler the element, the purer the note. So fine are some of these notes that when we look for the particle it appears not to be there, yet when we look away it is there again.
One of the conundrums of the physicist. Each element or ‘particle’ build up to create a larger particle, each atom builds a material element, each element combines with others to create a salt, adding note to note, building the song of creation, becoming the systems of the universe. Uni-verse, a short poem, poem of the One, the one verse, lyrics of the song of creation, describing the story so far.
Story, song, phrase, sound, diversity building intentional creation into simple frequency to create all that we know, all that we are. One day a man at home in his workshop conceives. Penetrated by the moment of in-breath, his imagination is assailed by inspiration and a new idea gestates to be born eventually as a musical instrument. Somewhere else story itself takes hold af another and creation begins anew in his mouth, voice entertains the imaginations of many and The Story of who and what we each are within our One-Verse re-writes itself.
Misunderstanding of what we truly are is like an illness, it creates dis-ease, becomes a source of pain, keeps us from achieving our true potential. Too often we try to learn another’s song because we have felt our own to be wanting. If a story that we know, that tells itself inside us day by day is opened up with the insight of elemental music, the basic sounds of truth that ring through all matter it can be healed of it’s wrong notes, it can be retuned to sound in harmony with the One verse. Story and Sound, music.
The fundamental elements of our everyday activity, colouring everything we do, everything we feel ourselves to be, being the ground on which we stand, from which we act. Put these two together with archetypal beauty such as can be found in music and in ancient stories and bring into the mix our own made sounds, voice or instrument, bring into the our own personal stories…
With a mix like this we can change the world. Changing the world begins only at home. Go out to change anything before the home is happy and you enter into war. Generate happiness in the inner home and it will flow out bringing peace.
This workshop takes the power of story an ancient proven healing tool and adds the sounds of Sounding Bowls, a new and proven tool. This workshop is set up to equip you with tools for bringing peace into the world, your world and the world you live, play and work in. How could you use sound, Sounding Bowls in your work? How could you use story, ancient and modern/personal in your work? Discover more on our new immersive workshop: Mythical Journeys: A weekend of story, sound and healing.

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