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THE International Harp Therapy PREP SCHOOL is now open!

Our current 2010 students are now actively pursuing their education.
They are finding the lectures fascinating and are excited about their
improvisational harp playing progress in just two short months!

We begin the program in September of each year.  You can get a jump
start and join the IHTP PREP SCHOOL.  There are four main focuses of
the preparatory program:

1.  To learn to play the harp and become proficient so you can enter
the program.

2.  For people who are graduates of other programs who would like to
take our Experiential Specialty Module in the Spring/Summer months.
Having a mentor through the PREP SCHOOL will prepare you to enter the
ESM and get the requirements completed.

3.  For people who are saving for the program, who found that they
did not have enough time to pursue the program this year or want to
have a more leisurely approach to the program.

4.  Some people want to learn how to improvise, learn new repertoire,
and learn about the qualities of healing music but are unable to take
the program. This way, they are gaining personal knowledge about the
field of the intentional use of sound and music.

We bring the program to the UK and to the Netherlands. Take a look at
some of our UK graduates at:

We also have a junior division of the program called the IHTP-TAP
program. This is education for teens who are playing in appropriate
places for children in hospitals. 

To get started, just go to the HARP THERAPY CAMPUS PREP SCHOOL.
If you study the first 6 DVDs, then you will
be able to join the IHTP students  starting in the summer at the
various gatherings around the world and then continue in the fall
with the on-line classes.  See the SCHEDULE at

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