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The Gift Of Sound

The gift of working with sound…

I sit here in meditation…I hear the birds singing…

All sounds take on special meaning when I am like this.
Quiet. Open.

I hear an airplane and instead of being annoyed at its
mechanical intrusion, I allow it to penetrate my hearing in the same way as the
birds, attaching no meaning to it.

I am for a moment, free.,,my body relaxes, I am one with

Training with sound, feeling sound moving through my body
and making friends with it through toning…through mantra, through hearing the
subtle and not so subtle harmonics emanating from a sounding bowl…has enhanced
my listening abilities.

How does this help me in my daily life…when I am not
meditating, but talking, listening, acting out tasks? Sometimes when I feel the
tension rising within me through some situation or other…or some belief arising
or other…I go back to listening to the sounds around me. I go for the
background sounds first…which help take me out of my identification with what
is immediately in front of me. Once I have done that and can feel the
relaxation returning, I bring my focus back on the immediate sounds and keep
the background sounds in there. This is the audio version of peripheral vision,
or of non-identification, of objective observation. I am a little freer from my
‘samskaras’ (Hindu) or unconscious beliefs and inner structures.

The blessing of falling into silence after the sounding…
after the music, after the singing…is a constant reminder of all (the sound)
and nothing (the silence). Of ‘everything matters’ and ‘nothing matters’. Of my
magnificence and of my nothingness. And for a moment, being at peace with the
yin and the yang. All rolled together in a glorious few minutes within the gift
of sound and its partner, silence.


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