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Book : Sound Healing with Gongs

Introducing my first book, published in 2010 : Sound Healing with Gongs - a Gong book for Beginners. One of the first books of its kind about gongs & their use for sound healing & therapy work, Sound Healing with Gongs has been written in plain simple language for anyone to understand. It includes a colour photo section & fun quirky illustrations by talented young artist Emma Pattihis, taking it out of the realm of the deadly serious, & emphasising that playing the gong is fun as well as beneficial! The 151-page book includes many gong-related topics including : Using Gongs for Sound Healing, The Origins of the Gong, How the Gong is made, The Sound of the Gong, The Gong as a Tool for Relaxation & Relief of Stress, The Gongbath, Techniques for Playing, Harmonics & the Golden Mean, & The Gongmaster. The book is available to order from Sheila's website :

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