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from: Fabien Maman

Fabien Maman Lectures in the UK- two venues and dates for October 2011!

Fabien Maman Lectures in the UK- two venues and dates for October 2011! Tues Oct 18th 2011 7pm-8.30pm The College of Psychic Studies, 16 Queensberry Place, London SW7 2EB Tel: 020 7589 3292 Tickets (£10 to members or £15 to non members) can be purchased via the website Thursday 13th Oct 2011 7.15-9.30pm Lightways Meeting House, The Village Hall Main Rd, East Farndon nr Market Harborough, Leics LE16 9SH. Tickets (£4) can be purchased via Carrie Mitchell at or Tel 07814036314 or bought at the door on arrival. 2011 marks the 30th anniversary of Fabien Maman''s revolutionary sound/cellular experiment documenting for the first time under a microscope, the impacts of acoustic sound on human cells. What he discovered changed the landscape of vibrational sound healing as we know it today. Websters'' Dictionary sites Fabien Maman as the founding father of vibrational sound therapy. His colleagues call him a visionary before his time. He''s the man who created the now famous technique of using tuning forks on acupuncture command points! * Join musician/composer/acupuncturist Fabien Maman in this lecture/demonstration showing the profound impact acoustic sound can have to balance and harmonize our subtle energy fields, chakras and physical bodies. * See his extraordinary colour slides documenting for the first time under a microscope, that acoustic sound can revitalize healthy cells as well as destroy cancer cells. *Experience Fabien''s sound and colour tools such as his Classical Tuning Forks, Chakra Sound Tubes, Colour Lights, Rainbow Silks and Faery Essences ! *Meet Tama-Do Certified Practitioners and experience a Tama-Do Tune-Up! Fabien will bring with him his new book, The Tao of Sound: A Sound Structure for the 21st Century, which is an encyclopedia of his 30 years of sound research and backed by his 100 brilliant colour photographs of human cells under the influence of acoustic sound!! Fabien Maman''s life''s work, from Star to Cell, aligns with the Classical traditions of music theory, mathematics, Chinese medicine, astrology and esoteric philosophy. Based on more than thirty years of exacting research, Maman has created precise sound correspondences to harmonize the organs, acupuncture meridians, chakras, subtle energy fields with the seasons, directions and the stars. It is also a manifesto for acoustic sound - challenging all who enter the world of vibrational sound healing, to do so, softly... with no electronic nor electric sounds.... but returning, once again, to the healing power of pure overtones and harmonics that can only be found in the five elements and the nature... The Tao of Sound, a hard cover book with 320 pages including Fabien''s 100 cell photos in full glossy colour. Retail Price: £48 For more information: Carrie Mitchell (Tama-Do UK Coordinator and Certified Practitioner) Tel 07814036314

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