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Don Conreaux
from: Don Conreaux
Category: Sound Healing



In this year of the Maitreyan Gong Dispensation, the student of the gong should place much more emphasis on the job of perfecting the Shruti Song and the Design Science of Gong Yoga Kriyas.

Many lyrics plant their meanings and inferences in our consciousness, lyrics that have more than an indirect effect on the genes of behavioral transformation.These can be called Shrutis or Love Songs of Transformation and fall under the contextual umbrella of Nada Yoga. They are the thoughts of the Divine Mind that grows to flower behind the mundane mind.


“Turn! Turn! Turn!...........

We are the ones we have been waiting for………

Like a bridge over troubled waters………

I will be there for you.”


They are also the Golden Seed Thoughts of the emerging Homo Luminous. They are songs of the one gong.


‘Right Now’ will always be all that is!


2012 is the Chinese Year of the Dragon, the completion of the Mayan Calendar, the turn of the 26,000 year Platonic, and the 2,160 Astrological Shift to the Aquarian Age.  And these are only a few of the significant greater and lesser cycles being synched at this time.


Masters of the Gong Tone of Life recognize that ‘Now’ exists suspended in the ocean of the gonging experience. We become the point, which is everywhere and the circumference that is nowhere.





We have always been aware that our lives could be run be a secret Cabal, an Oligarchy.     


Oligarchy means governing by a small group of people usually for their own personal interests. So it has long been associated with wealth and greed.


Although the gong has long been associated with abundance, it is the antithesis of this material context.




The idea of Gong Philosophy and Gong Consciousness is all about Seva before Self. It is about inclusiveness not exclusiveness.


“What can I do for the greater good?”


Because the gong feeds the non-linear mind or the mind behind the mind, it is a consciousness supportive tool that fosters spiritual wholeness.




The gong is not an enemy of the linear mind, but a................

friend to all in all dimensions. Hence, the name of Maitreya or Mithra is associatedwith it.




The concept of the mysterious alchemist stone that the ancients sought and which is able to transfer its powers of transmutation to the beholder can also be understood to be the secret Gong Effect caused by universal resultant tones channeled through its remarkable alloy pulled by the Source, the mysterious attractor we call 1.618033989, and which is the frequency of 207.1 Hz. G#, or approximately, the orbital tone of the Uranus Gong, ruler astrologically of the new present Aquarian Age.


In the human search for immortality, the universal gong represents a portal or gateway to a divine illumined consciousness, which once it is attained, is undying.


This mental quality we call the Jewel of Wisdom is an ‘Awareness of Awareness’ or the PHI nesting of the mind in the Akashic field of pure potential.


Humanity’s greatest healer has always been Wisdom and the Fullness of Loving Kindness.




It has also been called holistic-resonance, perfect spiritual health, and existence in Samadhi, or what is called the nectar of life. Outwardly it is seen as the refinement of ‘character”. It is said the only thing that follows us through the 7 layers of the Blue Ethers after life is our character. In other words you can only merge with the infinite through the refinement of your character in your present incarnation.


In the biblical metaphor, the ego of the personal identity is the Camel thatcannot pass through. Only the essence of the Soul Body can pass through the eye of the needle.


Therefore,the Camel of the linear or survival mind may be useful in the 3rdDimension but not in the intuitive sense of Self-Realization.


Recognition of our own true self in the form of another is the perspective that breaks the illusion of separation and conflict. This inner revolutionary development can come to anyone at any time and isn’t saddled by seniority alone.


“The gong is the creation, the mallet the will of the infinite.” Y.B.


It may seem far fetched to some that the gong being just a piece of metal could house the power of illumination, but if the dedicated students of the gong pursue the pure essence of the gong, the gong can potentially dematerialize the walls of ego identity, allowing much love to stream forth.


The Great Invocation gives us this idea, “From the point of light within the mind of the all, let light stream forth into our minds”. May light return to Earth!!!


Fromthe point of love within the heart of the all, let love stream forth into our hearts. Let love return to Earth.


Fromthe point called the One Humanity May love and light and healing power restore the plan of a Sacred Earth.


More and more what we call the Global Gong Family seems to be a new breed of planetary people who gift others with this balm of the sound within all sounds,the Song of the Gong.




There are plenty of Gong players who might call themselves Masters but then there are many others who won’t even use this term or who are not attracted to any spiritual or esoteric terms.


It doesn’t matter! If one is not attracted to the esoteric traditions and the non-linear perspective, if one is an Atheist, a Buddhist, a Catholic, or is of any religious, or political bent, it doesn’t matter. The Gong is a scientific symbol, a metaphor, and a mystery to some and to others it is just what it is. All is good!


We use the term of gong master in ways that reflect all perspectives without prejudice or polarization. It is to the good that there are such a variety of perspectives.


I can also explain how we interpret the term gongmaster on a humble level of a postmaster or a choirmaster or in England a young boy growing from a child/Master to an adult/Mister. The way I prefer to use the term is esoteric and based on the ancient Master of the Craft tradition used throughout the ages in the mastering of a craft.


Some interpret ‘Master’ as someone who has attained and is no longer a student, but the true master is always someone reaching to master the self even to the last breath. 


Those who wish to look at it in this way are more then welcome to do so, otherwise it doesn’t matter.


What it means to me is that “You are a gong and I am a gong and together we are a gong”. We are all aiming high to master the great gong tone of life.

To take on the term is to say simply to yourself, “No Excuses”!


I have tried to incorporate the qualities I see in the gong in my daily life. Some may see ‘this’ in the gong and some may see ‘that’ in the gong, but 'That is This' and 'This is That'. ”TAT VAM ASI” It is a both/and proposition. Some call it non-linear or triadic thinking.




If anyone of us is into gonging for ego gratification or to impress others or to give their ego a foot up, we (no doubt) will obviously be found out by others. “You might gong but you can’t hide”.


In Gong Master Training, taking self-evolution to the next level is the goal.


We are all students of the gong of life. We are all gong masters in training. No one is a “Master” in the Piscean use of the term.


Playing the gong will not necessarily change your programming or your cultural upbringing, but for some it will be an eye opener.


Also, when someone disagrees with you, it might be hard from their viewpoint to see how you can also agree with them.




In general it means certification ofattendance.

You have seriously put in your time to study the art and craft of gong playing.




One of the jobs of teaching teachers is to confirm with a student of the gong the level of mastership of learning regarding the entire spectrum of gong education.


Whenever students reach a certain level of professionalism, their title is that of a Journeyman. They then represent the Gong Teaching in a known qualitative way and that is a different kind of certification. You know that they know. 




Many are those who feel guided to simply buy a Gong and play for the benefit of other people.  The goal is to share love, kindness and compassion.


1.            Thisis the Novice Gong Master’s Dharma.


Beyond this goal is another goal,which is to teach others how to play.


2.            This could be called the Apprentice Gong Master’s Dharma. Again, the goal is to share love, kindness and compassion.


Beyond this goal may be the goal to teach others to become gong teachers. 


3.            This could be called the Journeyman Gong Master’s Teaching Dharma. Still, the goal is to share love, kindness and compassion.


Beyond this an even greater goal looms before the Journeyman and that is to teach others how to play well the Great Gong of Life, and to help create a society of like-minded people who place the highest value on the greater good rather than how it will benefit them personally.


4.            Thisis the Craftsman Gong Master’s Dharma. The same goal remains to share love, kindness and compassion.


In the final analysis no one but the self can say truly where the self is on this progression along the Way of the Gong.




Just as a personal breakdown must at times occur before a qualitative breakthrough, so an inner revolution must sometimes occur before there is an inner evolution.




It is not advisable to use the gongto enhance one’s Ego, for one gong is said to be equal to 100 instruments of an orchestra releasing a tremendous flow of power and potential.


Because the gong is a neutral instrument, if the character of the gong master is flawed then the gong might send back 100 times this lack upon the person using it for self-interest. However, if the gong master is evolved spiritually the gong will also magnify that pure resonance of consciousness 100 times in the direction of Human Betterment.


These ethics of gong consciousness are none other than that of the new Homo Luminous/Spiritualis.


Those who have perceived this and have dedicated their lives to this end are known by their selfless actions and their embracing kindness.


Today with the great proliferation ofgong players, we now have students of the gong on all levels.


Everyone is indispensible to the great coming synthesis of One Humanity.




So, rather than an Oligarchy let us create a Holo-archy in which it becomes apparent by the behavior of the individual where the true evolution of self rests, where the guidance comes from the still small voice within, the voice of the One Self.


Rather than a tablet of 10 Commandments, we have many axioms of higher consciousness, which we call Shrutis or Songs of the One Gong and which guide our lives as revelations through an unseen hand.

As preambles before the gong bath these are seen as the Seed Thoughts of Gong Land.


Self-development happens through internal echoing like a call and response. For instance when we sing, “Be kind to the kind and those who are not”….”Be kind to your Soul and show it the way of your heart.”…Etc.


When we suggest to ourselves to neither take nor give offense. This is another Song of the Soul.


When we consciously and musically reprogram those linear tendencies that have been passed on through our social conditioning, we can take charge of our genetic future.


I remember Yogi Bhajan (Bhajan means Divine Song) once saying; “There are at least three things we have no control of in our life: 

To whom we are born, how much money we will make, and how we will die.




When we are lost in the false self,we think we have some control over one these factors, but it usually has to do with making money.





The advent of the gong in society today is a remarkable phenomenon associated with critical mass and the 100thMonkey syndrome, which is when critical mass is reached there can be a quantumshift throughout the collective minds of humans everywhere. If this were to be so, then suddenly the rainbow tribe will appear and we will thus discover that we are it.




Since 1969 when I began teachingKundalini Yoga in Phoenix, Arizona, the number of students of the gong has grown exponentially according to the law of the golden mean, and now in 2012 we are literally bursting around the globe as a gong family. Apparently we have reached critical mass now in this 2012/13 Expansion of Consciousness.




What this means is that those who have dedicated their lives to being servant leaders/gongplayers are witnessing a shift spontaneously happening in others caused by the quantum movement within the tone ocean of the global gong field, a descent of grace that is saturating the individual and collective cells of human consciousness.




With this new Aquarian/Uranus dispensation hopefully, we can all begin to more consciously form healing patterns so badly needed within the grand chaos of the great tone-field of pure potential.


Where to do we go from here?


We are blessed to have many gongmasters of pure intention already today supporting a spiritual renaissance that is at everyone’s doorstep.


Through the efforts of the one gongmaster within the whole, all these developments are spontaneously occurring.


The promised precipitation of Heaven on Earth, TAI LOI, the Arrival of Happiness is here now manifesting with us known and unknown Maitreyans!




If nothing else, let us all strive to be tolerant of others beliefs and revel in the great diversity of the whole.            


In celebration of the great spirit of cooperation, let us celebrate!


D.A.C.            2/2/2012






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