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Lyz Cooper
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Project Global Sound is Getting Exciting!

Johnathan Goldman is one of the many people that have joined Project Global Sound to give the world a sonic cuddle on Peace Day (September 21). We've been inundated with responses from people that want to join us but are on their holls so we've now extended the deadline to.

30th August

Everyone is invited and now its even easier to join us - all you need to do is click on this link select Project Global Sound and create your account. You will then be asked to upload a 1 minute clip of sound in MP3 format along with your name and country.

Your contribution could be a nature sound from the country you live in, a vocal piece, a singing bowl, gong or drum - any sound or original musical piece that you find therapeutic and that you think would be lovely in our peace-mix.  

We look forward to hearing from you - literally!

Lyz Cooper


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