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Psychophonetics is a cutting edge modality of Psychodevelopment.  Psychodevelopment claims that the major task of modern psychology is to facilitate human development, evolution of consciousness and humanizing of civilization, rather than the recovery from pathology as its focus.

Psychophonetics, a pioneering Psychodevelopment modality, offers a methodical and highly effective approach to Personal Development, Counseling, Coaching, Psychotherapy, Art Therapy, Body Work, Healing, Organizational Consultancy, Education, Conscious Parenting, Conscious Relationship, Personal Transformation, 'Humanizing the Workplace', Social Development and Intentional Community Building – all as components of and opportunity for Psychodevelopment, oriented towards freedom.

Its major strength is its Methodology of Experience Awareness(MEA) which facilitates methodical Self-Observation, enabling individuals to objectively observe the phenomena of their own subjective experience and semi-conscious patterns, taking charge of their variety of forces and dynamics underlying their physiology, cognition, emotionality and spirituality.

Psychophonetics does it through the cultivation and application of the Deep Intelligence faculties of Imagination, Inspiration and Intuition as organs of perception, activated by a combination of verbal and non-verbal modes of knowing: Body Awareness, Gesture, Visualization and the Sounds of human speech, hence the term: 'Psycho-Phonetics'. These faculties enable individuals to put their own internal operation 'on screen' for their own self to observation, which is the practical basis for any self transformation.


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