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Strings of light

In 2009 while I was visiting Auroville (Tamil Nadu, India) for the first time, I discovered the Anantar (Koto-Tampura). This exquisite musical instrument produced by my friend Aurelio at Svaram ( consists of a small tampura (like the flat travel ones) and eight metal strings that can be tuned by moving wooden bridges under the strings, like in a koto. As soon as I tried it, I was mesmerised by the beauty and richness of its sound and I decided to buy one. Since then the anantar has become a fundamental element in my musical set. I play it in concerts, group meditations, group and individual healing sessions... as well as for my own pleasure! The range of the harmonic texture of this simple yet magical instrument creates a unique soundscape in which people enter a soothing, dreamlike state that allows a safe journey to the depth of one''''''''''''''''s being. I receive many feedbacks from people saying that, after the “journey”, they come back with a calm and clear mind and with a feeling of connection with their soul. Although the recording cannot capture the full breadth and richness of the sound, I have released two recordings that also have received enthusiastic feedbacks. The first one is “Wave after Wave”, a musical journey through different lands with various instruments accompanying the anantar. The second one, “Wood, Strings & Light” is dedicated solely to the anantar. You can see the anantar “in action”in these videos:

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