from: Don Conreaux


The gong produces dissonance and consonance together and it is called functional harmony or holistic resonance. The result of bathing in this oceanic tone alchemy is the sensing of a dynamic peace. This electrified state is called Gong Nidra. The brain is both awake in its awareness of its awareness and simultaneously it is asleep suspended in its dream body. The theory of dissonant harmony was expressed by Dane Rudhyar in the beginning of the 20th Century, and was an outgrowth of Alexander Scriabin’s Mysterium Tremendum Concept of Initiatory music. All the previous articles submitted to the forum have been spot on, and this is just an addendum. As a final thought in this short response, I will say that the entire universe owes its existence to the Holistic Resonance of the OM vibration throughout the micro/macro continuum. The substance of the gong field is of an Akashic nature and is a direct product of the PHI phenomena that sub-structures the Cosmos. The universal proliferation of functional harmony is the source of the omnipresent Life Force and is based upon Resultant tones. I hope this adds to the discussion, Don

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