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from: Fabien Maman

Tama-Do In My Life...

This is wonderful reminder ofwhat Tama Do embodies, the joy of incarnation and a new hope for finding thelight within us through the vibrations of colour, sound and movement. I was inmy darkest time in my life when I first came across the Tama Do courses. It waslike a light was shown to me. Everything worldly was telling me that I couldn’tjustify spending all this time and money to do the 2 week Level 1 intensive butsomething inside me just pushed me to go. It changed my life, it gave me a newway to be and belief in myself. Since then, the light has never gone out and Ihave so much more to give now and the life opportunities are flowing in since Iloved my self enough to give myself that gift. Tama Do teaches techniques forfeeding the mind body and soul daily and how to bring in light and abundance toourselves, and others in the darkest of times. This year I went on the TamaDo Shamanic trip and I can truly say that it was the most joyful experience Ihave ever felt which has created a strength inside me that will carry me for along time. It was an intensive period of bringing in light and connecting tothe true essence within me through the elements of nature. You know how it is when you findsomething that is such a gift to yourself, you just want everyone else to findthat too which is the only reason I volunteered to organise Tama Do Courseshere in the Uk. So I trust that all of us know what’s right for us, so if thelittle voice that speaks inside you, calls you to find out more, then please do check out or come along and meet Fabien in the UK in March. - Carrie Mitchell

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