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Simon Heather
Category: Sound Healing

The Healing Power of Music - Episode 3 (Aug 11)

What are Musical Scales?

A scale is a sequence of musical notes in an ascending or a descending order. They are organised into categories such as diatonic, major, minor, and others, with a specific group of notes thus being described as a C-major scale, D-minor scale.

Scales are typically listed from low to high. For instance, the increasing C major scale is C-D-E-F-G-A-B-[C], with the bracket indicating that the last note is an octave higher than the first note.

Scales may be described according to the intervals they contain: for example: diatonic, chromatic, whole tone or they may be described according by the number of different pitch classes they contain: -

Ditonic, tritonic, tetratonic scales having two, three or four tones - used in prehistoric music.

Pentatonic, hexatonic, heptatonic scales, having five, six, and seven tones - are most common.

Octatonic or eight tones - used in jazz and modern classical music.

One or more scales may be used in a composition, such as in Claude Debussy's composition L'Isle Joyeuse. 

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