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The Impact of the Seventh Interval

In the light of how challenging  August has been for many, its interesting to reflect on the words of Fabien Maman about the ‘ Seventh Interval’  in his new book: ‘The Tao of sound’:

‘The seventh musical interval under its two aspects, major and minor, represents the ultimate dissonance before resolution into the stillness of the octave. It has a powerful purpose in physical, musical and spiritual evolution. According with acoustic realty, this interval corresponds to the seventh harmonic, illustrating the symbolism of the number 7; the 7 colours of the diatonic scale, revealed as a regulator of vibrations… on the other hand the 8, the octave is universally known as the number of cosmic balance.

The photographs of the cancer cells in chapter 1 show that it was generally the seventh harmonic interval…which provoked the explosion of the cancer cells…here the power of the seventh interval to affect change, even at the cellular level is revealed.

It was Ludwig Von Beethoven who first introduced the seventh interval in music to Western European ears, initiating all who listened to his music into the challenges of the seventh interval whether or not they were ready. Hector Berlioz, in his biography of Beethoven said that the first time that Beethoven’s music was played ….the consciousness of the audience ‘exploded’ Human consciousness was opened suddenly and received forever a new impulse which it would never forget.

We are now fully embedded in the vibration of the seventh interval…

In the photographs shown in chapter one, the cancer cells could not bear the accumulated dissonance by the seventh interval. Throughout the experiment the cancer cells appeared rigid, inflexible and seemed to fight each note of the musical scale until they finally exploded around the addition of the seventh interval. Healthy cells because they could breathe with the resonance of the sound, remained intact and some even seemed to be revitalised by the addition of the seventh interval. We need to meditate on this

The seventh interval will be resolved into the stillness and peace of the new octave, which will provide the mirror for civilisation to come. The evolution is the vibratatory promise, a mathematical and musical principal of the universe. If we can accept we are in a time of dissonance, yet learn to find the beauty and clarity Of the new pattern and message of the seventh interval, we shall be free. Even the most enlightened master cannot escape completely the vibration of the musical interval in which he or she lives. We all belong to the Sound of our moment.

The seventh interval has a powerful and ambivalent effect. It is simultaneously a tense and rich effect. It can be very positive and energising in a healthy environment, and negative and beneficially destructive in a non healthy environment. That is what the seventh taught me during this cell experiment, and this is how healthy and diseased cells reacted. But rather than adopt the rigid stance of the cancer cells, fighting the effects of our civilisation today, we can rise to the vibration of the seventh interval, whose dynamic  and revitalising effect push us toward greater expansion and to higher octave of inner peace….

It is up to us to act on this message. The seventh interval has the tendency to imprison us in conflict. If we do not transmute the dissonance of the seventh into the enlightened plan of the human being, this interval appears violent and suggests a mirror of decadence and the end of a society in its most destructive manifestation.

Embracing the dissonance can force the listener toward a higher point of clarity which transcends conflict. In this way the Human brain and consciousness can evolve past the barrier of paradox, dualism and discord into an expansive state which embraces the whole. We cannot let rigidity fight the battle of the seventh, which represents in our consciousness,  the last effort of matter against the spirit of the new octave. The way must be opened to breathe through, expand with and allow discord to flow unopposed to its natural harmonic resolution in the new age. If music can open this way, the ‘cancer’ of this civilisation will disappear.’

If you would like to hear more, Fabien will be giving two lectures in the UK in Oct (13th and 18th) or perhaps join one of the 3 Tama Do Training courses  in Oct  Please see the’Events’ page for details

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