Michêle & Nestor Averard - Kornblum
Michêle Averard and Nestor Kornblum are founders and directors of the International Association of Sound Therapy. In addition to their more than 10 CDs of music for healing, meditation and transformation, they conduct courses, workshops and perform concerts worldwide.

Their articles have been published in magazines in many countries and in several languages and they have appeared on radio and television in many of the countries where they have performed live concerts or been keynote speakers on the subject of Sound Healing.

Their humour, charismatic style and love for Sound has transported and enchanted audiences, and changed the lives of thousands of people on 4 continents. For over 17 years they have worked together as a dynamic husband-and-wife team, demonstrating through their activities the essence of Sound as a vehicle for personal growth and transformation on the individual, male-female and planetary levels.

Nestor is author of “Overtone Chant – the Practical Guide” (book in 6 languages with CD) and Michele has recently published “13 Steps to Free your Healing Voice” also with CD.


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New Book by Michele Averard

http://shop.globalsoundhealing.net/content/13-steps-free-your-healing-voice-book-cd-michele-averard-0 13 Steps to Free your Healing Voice with CD of exercises, is now available in English as a down read more


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