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Michele & Nestor Averard - Kornblum

Posted:Michele & Nestor Averard - Kornblum

Spain, ALICANTE - The Healing Voice Diploma Training, Michele Averard, Nestor Kornblum, Charli Kornblum, Oscar Jareño, Tànit Navarro, The Dome - La Cúpula, Camino la Racona, 12,, 10 Jul 2021

? Free your True Voice and learn to transmit your essential energy through your voice

? Five facilitators, each of whom is a specialist in voice, will share their knowledge, experience and expertise

? Gain confidence all aspects of communication, from singing to speaking in public

? Learn many techniques to enhance your singing, chanting and energy management

? Learn techniques to experience and create wellbeing and harmony with your voice

Nestor Kornblum – Overtone Singing – “The Essence of Harmony”
Michele Averard – Free your Healing Voice
A husband and wife team, both are internationally acclaimed workshop Facilitators who have trained thousands in the therapeutic applications of Sound, Vibration and Voice for 25 years.

They are co-founders and co-directors of the International Association of Sound Therapy (I.A.S.T)
During the 15 years we have been offering a Certified Training Programme in Sound Therapy and Sound Healing, in addition to a total of 25 years working with the voice, it has come to our attention that the Voice is by far the most powerful, immediate and effective instrument for Healing and Transformation.

We have therefore decided to place at the disposal of the public a varied range of Vocal methods, techniques and modalities, with the objective of using Healing Voice techniques on all levels of one’s being: the physical, mental, emotional, bio-energetic and spiritual.
We have selected highly experienced and qualified Facilitators in the field of Voice and Voice Healing or Therapy. Each will share their unique knowledge and experience, through a variety of processes and techniques, which everyone will be able to apply in their Healing Practice, with clients, groups or simply to use alone on oneself. Much of the programme will also be of great use in Music in general and all forms of singing.
The different methods will be united to form a Holistic way of working with the voice. We give students a Diploma for this Training approved by the I.A.S.T (International Association of Sound Therapy) of which we are founder members, as well as the Asociación de Terapia de Sonido (Spain). This training is also complementary to our 2 Week Sound Healer Training.

? ANYONE WITH A VOICE MAY ATTEND THIS TRAINING – No PREVIOUS Musical or Singing Experience is required

  • Category : Sound Healing
  • Start Date : 10-07-2021
  • End Date : 26-07-2021
  • Facilitator : Michele Averard, Nestor Kornblum, Charli Kornblum, Oscar Jareño, Tànit Navarro
  • Time : 18.00h 10 July to 10.00h 26 July
  • Address : The Dome - La Cúpula, Camino la Racona, 12,
  • Contact Name : Nestor Kornblum
  • Contact Email : info@harmonicsounds.com
  • Contact Phone : +34686942033
  • Pricing Details : €1950,00 euros
  • Website : www.harmonicsounds.com/event/the-healing-voice-diploma-training/
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ALICANTE - The Healing Voice Diploma Training

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