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Cortijo Romero

Posted:Cortijo Romero

Spain, ANDALUCIA - Tango Harmony , Marion and David Thomas, Our beautiful centre near Orgiva, Granada province, southern Spain, 21 Aug 2021

Come and relax in our beautiful centre in the Alpujarras, a stunning mountainous region of Andalucia in southern Spain. Gorgeous vegetarian food, sub-tropical gardens, mountain views, an idyllic pool and traditional-style simple Andalucian accommodation. Meet like-minded people to share the week with. As well as the course, you will also be offered yoga or tai chi, and a day trip into the mountains with a gentle hike and visits to unspoiled mountain villages.

The common view of tango is one of high drama and acrobatic moves. Whilst this is great for the stage, authentic tango is different – calm, social, and joyful. It is improvised and based on walking, making it suitable for all.

By the end of the week you can expect to have:

- learnt the fundamental techniques and be ‘tangoing’;

- explored body and mind awareness techniques to maximise your progress;

- enriched your experience by learning about tango’s history, music, and Spanish lyrics.

Tango strengthens skills such as body awareness, empathy, trust, patience, and connection with others. It is meditative and calming, absorbing and restorative. It is proven to stimulate, and create new neural pathways. What a fun way to achieve all of this!

ANDALUCIA - Tango Harmony

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