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New Zealand, AUCKLAND - Sound Healing Level 1 Certificate, Simone Vitale, 18 Huia Road, Titirangi-Auckland 0604, 24 May 2019

3-day intensive training.

In this Level 1 Certification Training, you will learn the fundamental principles of Sound-Based Therapies that can be implemented in your current practice/teaching (bodywork, energy healing, alternative medicine, yoga and meditation, group work, etc.). You can also use the learned principles to start practicing with the aim of building your own Sound Healing practice over time.

The focus of Level 1 is on the effects of sound on the human body, mind and energy system. A thorough, in-depth section covering the theoretical principles will provide all the information you need to understand and explain why and how sound is a powerful healing modality. The practical learning will be based on common Sound Healing instruments, with a particular focus on Singing Bowls, Tuning Forks and on your own voice.

In the intensive weekend you will learn:

- Theory of Sound Healing (Entrainment and Resonance; Sound Propagation and molecular structures; Sound and the Nervous System; - Music and the Brain; Cosmic octaves and overtones; Philosophy of Sound)
- Common instruments and how to use them
- Basic vocal practice for the embodiment of sound
- Foundational vocal practices for Self Sound Massage
- Practice with instruments (Tuning Forks and Signing Bowls)

There will be additional home assignments to complete the certification.

Early Birds: 450NZD (until 6th of May)
Regular: 550NZD

  • Category : Sound Healing
  • Start Date : 24-05-2019
  • End Date : 26-05-2019
  • Facilitator : Simone Vitale
  • Time :
  • Address : 18 Huia Road, Titirangi-Auckland 0604
  • Contact Name : Simone Vitale
  • Contact Email : info@thesoundhealer.org
  • Contact Phone : 0064224130717
  • Pricing Details : 450-550 NZD
  • Website : http://thesoundhealer.org/
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