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Posted:Beata Dzwigol

UK, CHAKRA BALANCING GONG BATH, I Feel Good Therapy Clinic, Studio Desire to Dance, Unit 1 the Old Water Yard, Dorking RH4 1DY , 29 Jun 2019

With an open mind and heart let go of your everyday life, relax and balance your chakras with a soothing gong bath.

The sound is all around us, but certain sounds can open the gates to love so you can meet with all the things you create around yourself and realize how great the power to create happiness is in your life. We are talking about the mystical sound of gongs.

Gongs are amazing instruments. They generate powerful, intense healing vibrations which, interspersed with the sounds of Tibetan Singing Bowls and other instruments, stimulate our feelings of peace and relaxation. This allows the release of stress, and any other blocks that maybe set deep inside our inner self, on a cellular level.

Studio Desire to Dance (close to Star Pub)
Unit 1 the Old Water Yard

Free car park

Wear comfortable clothing. Bring a warm blanket to keep cozy, pillow, yoga mat and a bottle of water. You are welcome to bring your crystals to cleanse and energize them during the gong bath.

Please arrive a minimum of 15 minutes early. Late-comers will not be allowed in once the event is underway.

As places are limited it is advisable to Book Online to guarantee your place.

The option to Pay on the Door will require an additional admin fee of £5 and will be possible if there are any free places available only.

If you have any questions, contact Jarek directly: 07935 651585 or check www.ifeelgoodtherapy.com, or www.okidesoul.co.uk, please.

Tickets must be booked in advance through I Feel Good Therapy Clinic online. We are unable to offer refunds unless the event is canceled by I Feel Good Therapy Clinic, but you are welcome to transfer your place to another person.


"What a fantastic spiritual experience. My whole body felt so alive, it was truly magical. I would definitely recommend it. Thank you so much." Lynn H.

"Meditation Evening I feel compelled to write to say what an amazing experience it was for me to attend an evening of meditation with you. I found the session to be deeply moving in a very positive way and it has allowed me to open channels of healing inside that I didnt know existed. The fact that you chose a crystal for me to hold that has special significance to me and that during the meditation this crystal became very hot signified to me that the experience was not just a cognitive one, but that it was also very spiritual and this touched me profoundly. I would recommend anyone to try this with you and to feel what I felt." GS Surrey

“I would urge anyone seeking a genuine spiritual healer to see Okide Soul as a man with a real gift and a desire to help. I have met quite a few so-called mediums and spiritual healers and without doubt, Okide Soul is one of a few with a real and tangible ability to perform this special practice.
An honest, humble man with overwhelming goodness inside and an honest ability to mediumship, clairvoyance, Reiki and other forms of healing.
He has helped me and many of my friends all of whom feel as I do that this is a good man that can do what he says he can. Thank you Okide.”. Joe S.

Disclaimer: Clients results and gong bath experience may vary from person to person.

Chakra Balancing Gong Baths and were created with a pure passion by Beata and Jarek Dzwigol (Okide Soul). They are Gong Masters Teachers, Reiki Masters Teachers, Healers and Complementary Therapists who are passionate about Life, Healing and Well-being.

They are honest, humble couple with overwhelming goodness inside.

Through sound, therapies, and courses with Beata and Jarek, many people find themselves in a better space in life and greater achievements in everything they are doing.

You are welcome to join their gong baths, meet other wonderful same minded people and let the Positive Transformation Become.

Beata and Jarek we trained many years ago by Don Conreaux, Aidan McIntyre, Tom Solton and Abby Del Sol and others. They offer group and one-to-one sessions. They are frequently invited to play in yoga studios, on retreats and at private events. They will be happy to play for you too.

Beata and Jarek share their passion, knowledge, and experience by TEACHING HOW TO PLAY THE GONGS
- Introduction to Gong Practitioner Course and
- Certified Gong Practitioner Course in a much more simplified and approachable way.
They offer hours of practical gong playing during the course.

  • Category : Gong Work
  • Start Date : 29-06-2019
  • End Date : 27-04-2019
  • Facilitator : I Feel Good Therapy Clinic
  • Time : 1-2pm
  • Address : Studio Desire to Dance, Unit 1 the Old Water Yard, Dorking RH4 1DY
  • Contact Name : Jarek
  • Contact Email : info@ifeelgoodtherapy.com
  • Contact Phone : 07935651585
  • Pricing Details : £15 online the option to Pay on the Door require an additional admin fee of £5
  • Website : https://www.ifeelgoodtherapy.com/special/gong.php
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