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Posted:Mahala Gehna

UK, Chakra Balancing with Tuning Forks CPD, Mahala Gehna, Earthtones Therapy Centre, Earthtones Therapy Centre, 74-76 High Street, Mansfield Woodhouse NG19 8BD, 23 Jul 2022

The chakras are energy centres in our body. Life can pull them out of balance, which can manifest in a number of physical ways. A chakra balance is a relaxing treatment using tuning forks, which are played close to the body. Matching forks to the frequencies of the chakras, you will learn how to assess the state of each chakra and make the necessary adjustments to leave your client in a balanced state.

This is a short training course for Sound Therapists and Sound Healer and other energy healers who would like to start working with tuning forks. During this 4 hour workshop you'll learn the anatomy of the ear, how we perceive sound and how Tuning Forks are used therapeutically. You'll then learn and practice the techniques involved and receive a certificate on successful completion of the course.

This course is accredited by the CMA.

  • Category : Workshop
  • Start Date : 23-07-2022
  • End Date : 06-06-2022
  • Facilitator : Mahala Gehna, Earthtones Therapy Centre
  • Time : 10am - 2pm
  • Address : Earthtones Therapy Centre, 74-76 High Street, Mansfield Woodhouse NG19 8BD
  • Contact Name : Mahala Gehna
  • Contact Email :
  • Contact Phone : 0115 9902102
  • Pricing Details : £150
  • Website :
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Chakra Balancing with Tuning Forks CPD

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