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Posted:Andrew Elson

UK, DERBYSHIRE - Gong Bath with Ancient Sounds, Ancient Sounds, The Fishpond 204 South Parade Matlock Bath Derbyshire DE43NR, 30 Jun 2020

Gong /Sound Baths
Join us for a powerful experience with our unique gong bath. Let the sound penetrate your mind body and soul to help remove stagnant energy and leave the stresses of everyday life behind you.
You can expect a deeply relaxing space which helps combat stress and anxiety, quieting the mind, leaving you feeling stress free and calm. It is reported that 30 minutes in a gong bath is equivalent to 4 hours sleep! It boosts the immune system and aids circulation.
Every Gong Bath is a very personal experience, depending on where you are on your journey through life. Ancient Sounds may be your first or 101st experience of sound therapy but you will be warmly welcomed and feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.
During the gong bath the brain naturally goes into theta & alpha brain waves, which helps to promote a state of deep relaxation, clarity & meditation. Some people relax completely so that they fall asleep – if this happens your subconscious state of mind will continue with the healing process.

  • Category : Gong Work
  • Start Date : 30-06-2020
  • End Date : 13-04-2020
  • Facilitator : Ancient Sounds
  • Time : 1930. 20.30
  • Address : The Fishpond 204 South Parade Matlock Bath Derbyshire DE43NR
  • Contact Name : Andrew Elson
  • Contact Email : andrew_elson@sky.com
  • Contact Phone : 07592146319
  • Pricing Details : £12
  • Website : www.ancientsounds.co.uk
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