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UK, DEVON - 2020-21 Gong Practitioner Training Course2 Session 1, Sheila Whittaker, Splatthayes, Buckerell, Honiton, Devon, 14 Nov 2020

Session 1
Our first weekend of the Gong training course will cover various topics including the history of the gong, the effects of gong playing on the listener, elementary techniques for playing, etc. Homework will be given.

The College of Sound Healing Gong Practitioner Training Course© is a CMA-certificated training programme over five weekends, over the period of one year. This comprises 70 hours formal training, plus practise, coursework, reading and mentoring in-between sessions. Completing this course gives you the information, knowledge, tools and qualification - acceptable anywhere in the world - to be a Gong Practitioner able to treat clients in a therapeutic setting both on a one-to-one basis or in groups. The Course was written for the College by Sheila, who is the College Gong tutor, and advisor to the College on all matters gong-related. She started running the Course for the College in 2010 and teaches it each year to new groups of students.
The world of the Gong and its use for healing is a fascinating and relatively little-known subject. This Course aims to bring together and impart as much relevant knowledge and wisdom, ancient and new, as is possible in the time allotted for the Course. Some of this knowledge was lost in the mists of time and has been rediscovered during the last century. The Gong teachings are extensive and need time for participants to assimilate. This is best done in a Course run over the period of a year, to allow more comfortable integration of the powerful energies involved.
Participants are guided throughout the Course by a highly experienced and caring tutor and assistants, and encouraged to do their own reading and studies between sessions to further promote their training. Sheila only takes a certain number of students on the Course each year, so that she has the time and opportunity to mentor each one individually. Students are allotted Coursework and case studies between the formal sessions to enable them to practise working with clients, thus honing their skills and techniques, and gaining confidence and expertise before they venture into the world to offer their services professionally. Doing the Course over the period of a year also enables the participants to embark on their own healing journey with the gongs - to do their own inner emotional and self development work - so that they can clear much of their own "stuff" and raise their own energy vibration before they start to treat others. This is essential when you are working in a therapeutic capacity - we need to be able to provide a strongly held safe, supportive space for our clients, and know that when the gongs inevitably do their clearing work during a gongbath, that we can be fully present to support clients in their healing process.
Each participant will need to have the use of their own gong by the 2nd weekend session.

  • Category : Gong Work
  • Start Date : 14-11-2020
  • End Date : 15-11-2020
  • Facilitator : Sheila Whittaker
  • Time : 10am to 5pm each day
  • Address : Splatthayes, Buckerell, Honiton, Devon
  • Contact Name : Sheila Whittaker
  • Contact Email : sheila@sheilawhittaker.com
  • Contact Phone : 01626821511
  • Pricing Details : £220 for each session, £1100 for the whole Course
  • Website : www.sheilawhittaker.com
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DEVON - 2020-21 Gong Practitioner Training Course2 Session 1

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