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- - - - - - EUROPE , DUBLIN - Level 2 Gong Workshop, Sheila Whittaker, The Little Chapel, Irishtown Gospel Hall, Dublin, 23 Mar 2019

This Level 2 workshop follows the very successful and fully booked two-day Gong Intensive Workshop which Sheila taught in Dublin in March 2018. She is delighted to have been asked back to do another, which will be suitable both for those who came to the earlier weekend, and also for newcomers. This Level 2 Workshop is another opportunity to immerse yourself in the gong teachings for a whole weekend and learn more about the gongs and their role for healing and therapy work. In this workshop we will re-visit some of the basics that were covered in the March 18 Intensive, as well as introducing new and deeper aspects of the work. This workshop will enable participants to move further forward in their own personal journey with the gongs. Over the two days attendees will have ample opportunity to deepen their own connection and experience with this powerful healing instrument. We will be using high quality large gongs that Sheila and her assistant Pauline will bring with them from their own collections in the UK, as well as others. We may also have on loan some gongs and instruments from Gandharva Loka Dublin - World Music Store, www.gandharvaloka.ie
Please do bring your own gong if you have one.
Sheila’s books and CD’s will be available to buy at this workshop.
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  • Category : Gong Work
  • Start Date : 23-03-2019
  • End Date : 24-03-2019
  • Facilitator : Sheila Whittaker
  • Time : 10am to 5pm each day
  • Address : The Little Chapel, Irishtown Gospel Hall, Dublin
  • Contact Name : Sheila Whittaker
  • Contact Email : sheila@healingsound.net
  • Contact Phone : 01626821511
  • Pricing Details : £210 for the two days
  • Website : www.healing-sound.co.uk
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