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Hawkwood College

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UK, GLOUCESTERSHIRE - Gong Master Training Course 2021, Aidan McIntyre, Painswick Old Road, Stroud GL6 7QW, 23 Jul 2021

The ten-day full Gong Master Training comprises both theory and practice sessions. There will be optional pre-breakfast additional Yoga sessions for those who wish to continue their early morning Yoga practice.
We will be teaching how to play the many different types of Gongs available. These include Singing Bowl, Shruti Box, Conch Shell, Feathers, Gong Therapy Practice, Giving the Gong Bath, Organisation and Performance of an all-night Gong Puja. The Gong will be used as a transformational tool for Personal and Group Healing Meditations, Gong Yoga exercises, Philosophy and Gong Consciousness.
This years training will be led by Aidan McIntyre supported digitally by Don Conreaux, alongside the help of guest teachers Tabla Tom Simenauer, Rolf Nitsch, Sophie Sterckx, Charlie Merton, Kevin Goulding and Tim Byford.
It will be the road to Mastery in the use of Sacred Sound as a transformational tool and in the service to Humanity. Each day we will be working with different sacred instruments; to learn how to use them in performance and healing for others as well as ourselves.
The Course will be limited to around thirty students at present where it would usually be about fifty. If current Covid restrictions are eased a few more students may be able to join. Each student will be allocated their own mallet station with a variety of mallets that need not be shared with others. Conches will be cleansed in an antiseptic water tank. There will be sanitisers at the entrance to each teaching room.
We invite you to bring a gong or two if you have them, in addition to any other instruments you like to use. Other items to bring include a yoga mat, a cover and a pillow if you are able, a blindfold and a book and pen to take notes.
Residential options are fully inclusive with all meals provided. Non-residential options include suppers, lunches and all refreshments and exclude B&B.
If you would like to camp please enquire about camping options and prices.

GLOUCESTERSHIRE - Gong Master Training Course 2021

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