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Hawkwood College

Posted:Hawkwood College

UK, GLOUCESTERSHIRE - Improv for Beginners, Jon Trevor, Hawkwood CFT, Painswick Old Rd, Stroud, GL6 7QW, 17 Jun 2022

At a Glance
- An introduction to the techniques of collaborative spontaneity
- A fun- and laughter-filled learning environment
- A great confidence booster

The fun thing about improv is that it is learned through play. Starting with simple group games, you will discover the actions, attitudes and mindsets that encourage good teamwork and collaboration. You will then be introduced to the basic tools of collaborative creativity through focus, support and gentle mutual negotiation. Gradually you will be introduced to further improvisation skills such as Spontaneity, Listening, YesAnd, Character, Status, Story. Eventually, you will feel confident to begin to create entire improvised scenes and have fun with improvisation.

Improv is not the same as stand-up; you’re not alone on stage and it’s not about telling jokes or being really quick and witty. It’s about working together as a team with other improvisers to spontaneously create engaging material in the moment.

What you'll Gain
- Renewed access into your own unlimited creativity
- A channel for your innate playful nature
- Discovery of the freedom and challenge of improvisation

  • Category : Improv
  • Start Date : 17-06-2022
  • End Date :
  • Facilitator : Jon Trevor
  • Time : 16:00 - 16:00
  • Address : Hawkwood CFT, Painswick Old Rd, Stroud, GL6 7QW
  • Contact Name : Cathy
  • Contact Email :
  • Contact Phone : 01453 759 034
  • Pricing Details : Non-Residential: £245, Residential Shared: £305, Residential Single: £345
  • Website :
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GLOUCESTERSHIRE - Improv for Beginners

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