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Posted:Amor Armitage

UK, HAMPSHIRE - Restorative Sound Healing , Simona Mill, Lychpit village Hall, Great Binfields road, Basingstoke, 08 Jul 2022

Soothe your senses with a Restorative Sound Healing workshop.
Gift yourself with an evening of deep relaxation, using gentle restorative yoga, meditation and sound healing to lull you into a deep state of peace.
Following a guided meditation you will be ready to receive holistic healing from the magical sounds of crystal and tibetan bowls. This is a wonderfully healing and therapeutic workshop which encourages the mind to reduce the brainwaves, in turn reducing your cortisone level (stress hormone). It’s also proven to reduce blood pressure and help rebalance our cellular regeneration so that our autonomic nervous system can restore.
What to expect? Feel deeply relaxed, restored and at peace.
Sound healing uses various sound tools/instruments such as gongs and crystal singing bowls to relax the mind the body, and soothe the nervous system.
We will start our time together with Metta meditation (exploring the beauty of compassion through this traditional loving kindness practice), moving into a restorative sequence opening our hearts, targeting deep areas of tension in a hip opening sequence and ending in long savasana where everyone can ‘bathe’ in the hypnotic sounds of a gong bath and allow the age-old therapeutic benefits of sound therapy to take hold.
A deeply immersive experience, this is a great method of meditation for those who struggle with the silence of their own thoughts.
Regular price £30 | Concession £25 (no questions asked)

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