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Posted:Mahala Gehna

UK, Himalayan Bowl Massage - CPD for Massage Therapists, Mahala Gehna, Earthtones Sound Therapy, Old School Business Centre, Studio 1, Church Drive, Arnold, Nottingham NG5 6LD, 17 Nov 2021

I'm delighted to be able to offer a new CPD workshop specifically for massage therapists.

In this 4 hour workshop, you'll learn how to use Himalayan singing bowls as a massage tool, easing tension in the back and inducing a relaxed state of consciousness in your client. We'll cover the anatomy of the ear and how the sound works in the body to produce these results and you'll then learn and practice the techniques of this treatment.

You'll leave qualified to offer this treatment to your clients and with a certificate to prove it.

A Himalayan massage is quite different to other types of massage. During this clothes-on treatment, a selection of Himalayan singing bowls are played on and around the client’s body to ease tension and pain. This is especially good for those with back, shoulder and neck pain. During this session, clients will feel the vibrations of the bowls going into their body.

You'll also be able to purchase the equipment to perform this treatment, at preferential rates.

Earthtones is a registered training college with the Complementary Medicine Association and is fully insured as a training provider.

For more info and dates of this course, please visit

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