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Posted:Barbara (Blu) Cottam

UK, LINCOLNSHIRE - Sound Healing with the Voice Practitioner Course, Part Two, Blu Cottam, The Garden Room, Canwick, Lincoln, Lincolnshire, 23 Oct 2021

This course is especially designed for those wishing to practice as Sound Healers, or who may wish to add Sound Healing to their already established healing practice. Also a wonderful course for those simply wishing to learn about and use sound healing for themselves and their family.

This weekend forms Part Two of this professional five-part, one-year course, certified on successful completion of all parts and criteria, by the College of Sound Healing. (For full details of course curriculum and criteria please check Blu's website)

Topics covered in Part Two include: The principles of Sound Healing, energy care and awareness in working with healing, learning how to give a sound healing treatment, actually experiencing the power of sound healing through receiving and giving a sound healing treatment, using the voice and tuning forks.

Potentially supportive of your personal journey of self healing and spiritual development as you work with the practices during the weekends and ongoing throughout the course in the year ahead whilst carrying out case studies and practicing on yourself.

Special note: did you miss Part One, but would really love to join the course? If so, please contact Blu to discuss possibilities.

  • Category : Course
  • Start Date : 23-10-2021
  • End Date : 24-10-2021
  • Facilitator : Blu Cottam
  • Time : 10am -5pm each day
  • Address : The Garden Room, Canwick, Lincoln, Lincolnshire
  • Contact Name : Blu Cottam
  • Contact Email :
  • Contact Phone : 07792 264753
  • Pricing Details : £200 per weekend
  • Website :
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