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UK, LONDON - Who is Dreaming you?, Sonia Slany and Andy Smith, Old Hampstead Town Hall, 213 Haverstock Hill, London, NW3 4QP, 12 Sep 2019

"Who is Dreaming you?" with Sonia Slany and Andy Smith, is a 5 Day seminar exploring the connection between creativity and processwork.
“The creative mind allows you to join to what you are experiencing, to become it and really create with it." Amy Mindel.
What is the creative process? What helps you access it more deeply, connecting and sensing, then bringing that experience through into your work and to the world? 
We will explore creativity in three dimensions. Firstly the more concrete practical world where we develop our techniques and skills. The second dimension is more dreamlike and subjective, our disturbances, inner critics and dreams. The subtle third dimension is the source from which we draw and which shapes us as creators, or even creates us. We will explore moving between these realms as a practise, developing fluidity.
This seminar is for people who identify as creative and creators and those who think they might like to be that, to support your own creative path, whether you identify with that or not. 
12th -16th Sept 2019 £500
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LONDON - Who is Dreaming you?

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