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Posted:Michael Deason-Barrow

UK, Making Music in the Space Between I and You, Lorin Panny, St. Brides Hall, Cainscross Rd, Stroud, GLOS, 28 Feb 2022

Discover the Joy and Creativity of:
Playing New Social Therapeutic Instruments
Exploring ‘Listening Movement’
Energising Musical Circle Games & much more . . .

You will find ‘Music in the Space between I and You’ will help you discover the sheer joy of PLAYING with MUSIC with others. It will help to develop your listening and communication skills, and bring creativity, spontaneity and flexibility into your life and music making. It will also helps you discover how deeply music and movement are connected.

This course is for people with all levels of musical experience who want to enter a path of musical and social awareness based on listening and movement.

Lorin Panny is a Eurythmist who has pioneered ‘Listening Movement’ processes and the playing of new therapeutic and community inspired instruments into a nourishing path of both social and personal development. Her work is influenced by Eurythmy, Laban, Dalcroze Eurythmics and the work of Tonalis Music Centre, where she has taught for many years.

Making Music in the Space Between I and You

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