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Planet Earth, ONLINE ON ZOOM - How to reduce mental stress in a healthy way, Yogi of Sound Professor Surinder Singh, , 07 Nov 2020

Discover how to interrupt your stress to release mental stress and tension in your mind and body.

About this Event
For International Stress Awareness Week take your first steps to be undefeatable through our online workshop on how to use your stress for your advantage, by knowing how to reset your inner response mechanisms for reclaiming your mental focus and feel at ease to achieve the goals you really want. It's time for you to surf the waves and not let stress wash you over.
We live in an environment with so much self-help resources yet 74% of people in the UK report that they cannot cope with the levels of stress in their lives. That they constantly feel pressured by the endless spiral of to-do lists and demands on their plates and simply feeling lost on how to get rid stress.
Ponder on this question: 'Is stress really your issue? Or is it not knowing how to respond to it?'
This workshop will share with you just this on how diagnosing and interrupting our response mechanisms with better-guided tips we can mentally feel at ease, breathe feely and release tension all across our mind and body.

What you will takeaway:
Learn what stress is, how it impacts your well-being and productivity
Explore best practices for identifying and diagnosing your stress
Understand the stages of stress
Have a clear direction to interrupt and prevent stress before it overtakes
How to step into your highest potential to use your stress for your advantage
Takeaway clarity and tips to reduce stress in a less time-consuming way
Join the discussion online on Saturday 7th November to start a healthy step towards dealing with your stress to become happier, healthier and more productive.
About your host:
Yogi of Sound Professor Surinder Singh is a musicologist, researcher, writer and composer of sound. For the last 30 years, he has been globally training individuals on how to become their own super beings around emotional, mental and physical healing and wellness. His work specialises in teaching the science behind sound, inner communication and rhythm for healing trauma and tuning the human psyche.

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