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Chloë Goodchild

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Planet Earth, ONLINE - Living Presence: A Community of Sound - The Singing Field Membership, Chloe Goodchild, , 10 Mar 2021

Chloë is partnering with Hawkwood College to offer a new 9-month course in 2021. Moving beyond the music of the everyday, Chloe encourages all to explore the language of the spirit, the language of the soul and more importantly, the language of silence. Creating an ongoing and explorative, collaborative listening field – we invite you to join, with your Living Presence – this Community of Sound. In this in-depth training you will discover 7 specific musical modes – ‘sound codes’ capable of opening up your emotional moods more consciously, and transforming into the sounds & songs of your soul. Over the Course of Three Terms, discover how your voice can awaken a new language of consciousness, that liberates your rational mind to serve and inspire your intuitive heart.

Term 1
Session 1 Introduction – Sound as the Ground of Consciousness, 10th March
Session 2 Your Moods as Musical Modes, 24th March
Session 3 Introducing the Musical Modes, 7th April
Session 4 Innocence and Wonder: The healing Voice of the Ionian Mode, 21st April
Session 5 Practicum Session: The Ionian Mode, 5th May

Term 2
Session 6 Longing to Belong: The Healing Voice of the Aeolian Mode, 2nd June
Session 7 Practicum Session: Aeolian Mode, 16th June
Session 8 Shadow and Light: Healing Voice of the Dorian Mode, 30th June
Session 9 Practicum: Dorian Mode, 14th July

Term 3
Session 10 Dark Luminosity: Healing Voice Phrygian, 8th September
Session 11 Practicum: Phrygian Mode, 22nd September
Session 12 Awakening Compassion: Healing Voice of the Lydian Mode, 6th October
Session 13 Practicum: Lydian Mode, 20th October
Session 14 Sublime Joy: Healing Voice Mixolydian Mode, 3rd November
Session 15 Practicum Mixolydian Mode, 17th November
Session 16 Homecoming: Celebrating the Community of Sound – Return to Source, 1st December

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