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Posted:Jez Smith

UK, PETERSFIELD - Frame Drum Participative Workshop: Ancient Sacred Sounds, Jez Smith - Ancient Sacred Sounds, Butser Farm, Petersfield, Sussex, 11 Jun 2022

Hear echoes of our ancestors and explore the rhythm, power, and emotion of the ancient drums!

Rhythm is everywhere: in our blood, in the tides, in our stories and our songs. As one of humanity’s oldest instruments, drums are are also one of the earliest forms of human expression, powerfully used for thousands of years in spiritualism, music, and even community. Join us in our historic setting and spend the morning discovering the immersive, freeing experience of the communal music-making and rhythm of our ancestors.

In this participative workshop, you will use vegan frame drums to explore the use of the drum from the ancient to the modern world. Early musician and music therapist Jez Smith will guide you on this journey, revealing how rhythm can even affect our mood and feelings. Together, you will discover the joy and freedom of playing with others and communal improvisation, and the powerful effect of percussion soundscapes. Any level of musical experience is welcome (including no experience!) — all you need is an open, creative mind… and some energy!

PETERSFIELD - Frame Drum Participative Workshop: Ancient Sacred Sounds

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