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Posted:Gavin Frank

United Kingdom (Channel Islands), SING FOR YOUR LIFE, GAVIN FRANK, 4 Brookside, Headington, Oxford OX3 7PJ, 02 Jul 2022

“Sing For Your Life” introduces us to the resonant power of our own authentic voice. This is available to anyone whether they class themselves as a singer or not. We will explore ancient vocal maps interwoven with body movement, chant, mantra, breath, silence, song and improvisation as a way of unlocking the deepest sound of our being. No vocal experience needed. Gavin has more than 20 years experience of working with sound supporting individuals to find their true voice. Advance booking advised as limited places available.

  • Category : Voice
  • Start Date : 02-07-2022
  • End Date : 01-03-2022
  • Facilitator : GAVIN FRANK
  • Time : 10AM-1PM
  • Address : 4 Brookside, Headington, Oxford OX3 7PJ
  • Contact Name : Gavin Frank
  • Contact Email :
  • Contact Phone : 07873472135
  • Pricing Details : £35 or £30 per session if pre-booked.
  • Website :
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