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UK, STROUD, GLOUCESTERSHIRE - Gong Master Training, Don Conreaux, Aidan McIntyre, Hawkwood College Ltd, Painswick Old Road, Stroud, Glos GL6 7QW, 26 Jul 2019


Friday 26 July to Sunday 4 August 2019.

The ten day/nine night full Gong Master Training comprises both theory and practice sessions with optional pre-breakfast additional Yoga sessions for those who wish to continue their early morning Yoga practice.

The course is structured in two modules of five days/four nights (Module One) and five days/five nights(Module Two) so experienced students or those on a budget can still participate in an appropriate Module. Returning students will enjoy a discount for attending Module Two whilst new students booking on the full course (both modules) are offered a time-limited discount.

This year’s training will be led by Don Conreaux and Aidan McIntyre with the help of guest teachers Robert Horwell and Tim Byford and ably assisted by Kevin Goulding and Suzie Price.

It will be the road to Mastery in the use of Sacred Sound as a transformational tool and in the service to Humanity. Each day we will be working with different sacred instruments; to learn how to use them in performance and healing for others as well as ourselves.

The emphasis will be on all areas of Gong Mastership depending on the needs of the students. Topics will include Gong Playing Techniques, (including the many different strokes and the use of the many types of mallets), the new Rotogong techniques, using Singing Bowls, Conch Shells, and many other instruments both ancient and modern whether man-made or sourced from Nature.

We will be teaching how to play the many different types of Gongs available, Singing Bowl, Shruti Box, Conch Shell, Feathers, Gong Therapy Practice, Giving the Gong Bath, Organisation and Performance of an all-night Gong Puja, Using the Gong as a transformational tool for Personal and Group Healing Meditations, Gong Yoga exercises, Philosophy and Gong Consciousness.

This year we will have Tim Byford and Robert Horwell as guest teachers. Tim will be leading group drumming sessions (drums and percussion instruments provided but you are welcome to bring your own if you wish) and there will be opportunities to participate in Kirtans as well as Trance Dance.

Robert and Don will introduce the Mask and Mirror Gong Consciousness – a new addition to the GMT course. This involves the use of Masks to develop a deeper understanding of our capacity and personality in alignment with our relationship to the Gong. Using the Four Temperaments and Neutral Masks we ask ourselves: ‘Who am I?’ ‘How does it feel to be my counter mask?’ Gazing into the Mirror Tantra Gong as part of a guided Tratakam, this culminates in using our new found skills to present a piece of ‘’Theatre of the Soul’’.

There is adequate free time to process information and to have one’s own ‘me’ time or to experience the variety of amazing gongs and other instruments available. Students have time to interact with each other, forge friendships and share their particular skills. The course is intensive but not intense. We recognise that it is the quality, not quantity of the training that is most important - having adequate time to understand and integrate new information and skills.

Course fees to be announced.


DON CONREAUX was drawn to Eastern mysticism and Philosophy from an early age. As a teenager in 1952 his first esoteric teacher was Paramahansa Yogananda with Don receiving his kriya Initiation in 1953. His formal education includes a Masters Degree in Theatre and from 1952 through to 1969 he became an Actor, Writer and Director working in Hollywood and New York.

In 1969 he studied with Yogi Bhajan the founder of 3HO and became one of the first five Kundalini Yoga Teachers trained by Yogi. Don established the Nanak Dwara Ashram for Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training in Phoenix Arizona in 1970 and ran it for six years. During that time Don discovered how the sound of the Gong could be a transformative, healing tool for Humanity. He also met with Dane Rudhyar and studied his work. As a result of Don’s studies into the sound and effect of the Gong, Don created:

The Gong Yoga of Holistic Resonance, the title of Gong Master, Gong Therapy, the Gong Bath, the Gong Puja, Spiritual Free Jazz, Songs And Concerts For Humanity and Gong Master Training (GMT).

His Way Of The Gong writings are the synthesis of a lifetime’s study and experience. They are: Gongs of our Solar System, Magnum Opus Volumes 1,2 and 3, Music Of Wholeness, Gong Essays, The Sacred Geometry of Starhenge, The Universal Chiometer and The Kriya Kundalini Gong Yoga MEM Manual and Shruti Songs.

Now in his 84th year, Don continues to teach globally GMT, the art and science of Sacred Geometry, Divination and designs World Peace Gong and Bell Gardens. He has established globally over a dozen such gardens. All are dedicated to the coming first day of World Peace and Planetary Co-operation in a world without violence for our children of the New Millenium.

AIDAN McINTYRE met the gong in 1993 and it was a transformational experience to say the least. From that moment on he has dedicated his life to sharing his experience and research with the World at large. The Singing Bowls came into his life at that same time and they became an integral addition to his work with the Gong. From that first meeting, he and Don have become life-long friends and have travelled and worked together ever since.

Around that time Singing Bowls also entered Aidan’s life and became an integral part of his work with the Gong. Living in the San Francisco Bay Area he was able to hone his skills whilst researching and experimenting with the effect of Therapeutic Sound. This he shared working with children, those with Autism, retirees and many others. He has brought the Gong to retirement homes, hospitals, hospices, funerals and memorial services. On a lighter note, he has even played with a Bay Area Jazz Band.

Aidan is a generous teacher sharing his acquired wisdom. He also likes sharing his large collection of Gongs, Antique Singing Bowls and Conch shells, sharing their origins and uses in Sound Therapy. Don and Aidan together created the Gong Master Training Course which came to fruition in the UK and is now in its twenty-second year in 2018. They have taken this training around the world to Europe, Asia and both North and South America and Australia.. The UK GMT is a rare opportunity to receive the training from both Don and Aidan teaching together. When not on the road teaching, Aidan has a practice teaching individual students personally or via Skype and offers one-to-one gong therapy from his home in Gloucestershire.

Aidan is also the creator of the ‘Rotogong’ which is an attachment to the gong stand which enables one to rotate any gong 360 degrees whilst playing. ‘’ I believe that this creation will change the way the Gong is presented by the gong playing community and that it completely revolutionises the whole Gongbath experience both sonically and emotionally’’….


ROBERT HORWELL (Module Two) (Bob) has been an actor and has now moved behind the camera to become a video director working in the music business. He has been working with masks for over thirty years. His journey into the Gong under the tutelage of Don and Aidan has initiated the fusion of Gong, Mask and Theatre leading to an advanced training in Gong Consciousness – the Gong Yoga Kriya process for self-diagnosis and self-prescription. Bob will present this process using the Four Temperaments with Masks together with Don’s Meinl Mirror Tantra Gong culminating in the ‘’Theatre of the Soul’’.

TIM BYFORD (Module Two) is an accomplished musician and vocalist who is a past student of several GMT’s. He has also extensively studied MEM Gong Yoga with Don in Europe. Tim will share the joy of group drumming enabling us to synchronise our minds and bodies as one as we play. Tim will bring his drum collection for us to share and play. Students are welcome to bring their own favourite drums to the party.


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