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Helen Campbell

Posted:Helen Campbell

UK, Sound Therapy Practitioner Training, Helen Campbell (Academy of Sound Therapy), Academy of sound Therapy, 10 Walnut Close, Stretton, Oakham, LE15 7QQ, 28 Sep 2021

Academy of Sound Therapy - Sound Therapy Practitioner Course Prospectus


Train to be a Sound Therapy Practitioner with in-person training on a one to one basis, gain experience of sacred sound instruments and put the training into practice with case studies. Once your case studies have been completed you will be awarded your practitioner certificate which will allow you to be insured and practice as a Sound Therapy Practitioner.
The Sound Therapy Practitioner Course consists of:
• One to one tuition
• four in-person 1:1 training days at the academy
• homework
• twelve case studies
• one to one support by your tutor throughout

This course is ideal for someone already on their sound therapy journey, who has a basic understanding of at least one of the core instruments used on the course.

The core sound instruments covered are gongs, Bear Love Flumies, Tibetan singing bowls, shamanic instruments and the voice, though other instruments are introduced: crystal singing bowls, tuning forks and percussion instruments.

The course will incorporate some know-how of why things work so that there is a background understanding, however throughout the training I will be encouraging you to work with your spirit team and guides to work intuitively, as in essence once you have made a connection to a particular sacred sound instrument the instrument will play you!

The award of the Sound Therapy Practitioner certificate is only gained after successful completion of the course, homework and marking of your case studies.
This course is accredited by IPHM, and will enable you to work and gain insurance as a qualified Sound Therapy Practitioner.

Admission onto the course is by prior phone conversion with the tutor to ascertain if this course is a good fit for you.
It is highly preferred that a student will have previously undertaken another energy healing course

The teaching cover the following key aspects:
• Gongs
• Shamanic & percussion Instruments
• Tibetan Singing Bowls and tingshas
• Vocal Toning the chakras
• Sounding the OM
• Grounding
• Space clearing and preparing the healing space
• Working with Archangel Sandalphon, your guides and spiritual team
• Crystal Singing Bowls
• Tuning Forks
• Client Care and Best Practices
• Contraindications
• Code of Ethics and Conduct
• Homework, practice and self-research
• Case Studies

The other focus of the course is to include a service element to it – that of being a ‘Sound Warrior’, bringing balance and order to humanity and Mother Earth through sound.
Case Studies

There is a requirement to complete 12 case studies and included in the course are short online or phone 1:1 catch ups after each case study to see how you are doing and to offer feedback etc.
You will submit case study write-ups as soon as possible after giving each case study session so that they can be marked with the intent of providing constructive feedback and to offer you support before you move on to the next one.
The in person training will fully detail what is required with a practice included to give you the confidence to begin.
You will have between 3 to 12 months to complete your case studies.

Price: The full price for this course is £1000.

About the Tutor – Helen Campbell
Helen comes from a life time and past life times of working with sound, crystals and other vibrational modalities. It is her life purpose in this incarnation to bring sound therapy teaching to those who share a similar passion for sound and who have a felt service to humanity. She is a fully qualified Sound Therapy Practitioner and Gong Practitioner having been trained by a shamanic teacher, Dee Banton and Gong Master, Sheila Whittaker.

How to Sign Up to This Course
Please email or ring Helen Campbell in the first instance to arrange a chat to first see if this course is right for you. The chat will be a short (20 minute approx.) phone call to discuss your prior experience and what you want from the course.
Contact: Helen Campbell on 07450 509894 or

  • Category : Sound Therapy
  • Start Date : 28-09-2021
  • End Date : 03-09-2021
  • Facilitator : Helen Campbell (Academy of Sound Therapy)
  • Time : 10am to 5pm each day for 4 days
  • Address : Academy of sound Therapy, 10 Walnut Close, Stretton, Oakham, LE15 7QQ
  • Contact Name : Helen Campbell
  • Contact Email :
  • Contact Phone : 07450 509894
  • Pricing Details : £1000
  • Website :
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