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Posted:Giles Bryant

, The Perpetual Choirs Tour of Britain, Giles Bryant, Various, 28 Oct 2012

A collective of composers, musicians and producers who specialise in healing music have collaborated on a landmark album, The Perpetual Choirs - a tour of which is underway. The name “The Perpetual Choirs” refers to the historical ancient perpetual choir circles in Britain first rediscovered by the scholar John Michell. Going back to pre-historic times and continuing into the Medieval Christian age, people gathered in at special places to sing for harmony and peace. This practice is returning to the world as people of all cultures, religions and backgrounds unite in song and music. The producer and main songwriter of the album is Giles Bryant, who has spent the last 18 years studying worldwide practices of yoga, healing and music. Giles saw in these ancient traditions the common links of using sound and music as a healing tool, and has spent 4 years composing and collaborating with some of the world’s leading healing musicians to make this landmark album. The Perpetual Choirs are performing many concerts around the country including a finale concert at The Yoga Show in London on Oct 28th and a 22-date tour of the ancient perpetual choir sites including Glastonbury, Canturbury, Oxford, Sea Henge and Malvern.

  • Category : Concert
  • Start Date : 28-10-2012
  • End Date : 06-11-2012
  • Facilitator : Giles Bryant
  • Time : 9am - 9pm
  • Address : Various
  • Contact Name : Giles Bryant
  • Contact Email : info@worldhealingproject.com
  • Contact Phone : 07740663493
  • Pricing Details : various
  • Website : www.worldhealingproject.com
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The Perpetual Choirs Tour of Britain

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