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Posted:Nicola Kelsall

UK, The Yoga of Sound, Nicola Kelsall, Studio 6, The Old School Business Centre, Church Drive, 11 Dec 2018

Enhance your physical yoga with the yoga of sound, encompassing mantra, mudra, toning and more. Learn mantras, breathing exercises, sound meditations and movements in a weekly class.

What is the Yoga of Sound?

There are many aspects to yoga, although in the West we are more familiar with the physical aspects. These Yoga of Sound classes incorporate four different strands of sound yoga: Shabda, Shakti, Bhava and Nada. Each session we will develop our practice to include yogic breathing exercises, chanting and toning, mantra, meditation and motion mantra. Whilst this will add an extra dimension to yoga for those who already attend a regular yoga class, you do not need to attend physical yoga classes to derive benefit from sound yoga.

What do I need?

* A mat. There are plenty of floor mats in the studio or you are welcome to bring a yoga mat.
* A meditation cushion/stool (meditation stools are available for use at the studio, but if you prefer a cushion, please bring one).
* A mala. If you do not have one, these are available at the studio from £3 each.

What shall I wear?
Please wear loose, comfortable clothing, or you may wish to wear your normal yoga attire.

Do I have to sit on the floor?
Parts of the class do involve sitting on a meditation cushion or stool. You do not need to be able to sit in the lotus position! If you are unable to sit on the floor, there are chairs available for those sections of the class.

Do I need to be fit?
No. Whilst this class will help you with posture whilst sitting and standing, it is primarily a mental and spiritual practice, suited to anyone, regardless of fitness level or physical ability.

  • Category : Chanting & Mantra
  • Start Date : 11-12-2018
  • End Date : 26-09-2018
  • Facilitator : Nicola Kelsall
  • Time : 7-8pm
  • Address : Studio 6, The Old School Business Centre, Church Drive
  • Contact Name : Nicola Kelsall
  • Contact Email : info@earthtones.org.uk
  • Contact Phone : 07595628379
  • Pricing Details : £7 per class or £25 per month
  • Website : https://earthtones.org.uk/yoga-of-sound/
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