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UK, Tuning Fork Sound Healing Practitioner Training 5 Day Course, Debbi Walker, Polhilsa House, 08 Nov 2019


5 day Tuning Fork Sound Practitioner Course

MAY Monday 20th - Friday 24th 2019 (5 DAY)
AUGUST Monday 12th - Friday 16th 2019 (5 DAY)
NOVEMBER Monday 4th - Friday 8th 2019 (5 DAY)


NEW 6 day Tuning Fork Sound Practitioner Course

JANUARY Friday 24th - Wednesday 29th 2020 (6 Days)
MAY Monday 11th - Saturday 16th 2020 (6 Days)
AUGUST Monday 3rd - Saturday 8th 2020(6 Days)
NOVEMBER Monday 2nd - Saturday 7th 2020(6 Days)

Who is this course for?

This course is for anyone who wishes to go on a deep and profound journey with sound vibration, life changing for many who attend

Science and Research meets Spiritual Aspects in the course

You may wish to bring sound into your work as it complements ALL other therapies - Reiki, reflexology, massage, crystal healing, angel healing, spiritual healing, colour therapy, shaitsu and many many more

Can also be used as a stand-alone therapy
Mind, Body, Spirit and Soul Nurtured and Soothed
Spiritual awareness and intuition enhanced
Plus much much more.

*TUNING FORKS TAUGHT ON THE COURSE ARE: (please note not all are taught per course - I go with what is needed for optimum experiential for the attendees)

Solfeggio, Cosmic, OM, 528, Egyptian*, Celestial Gate*, Divine Feminine*, Divine Masculine*, Chakra, Sound of Nature*, Ganesh*, Dragon*, Ancestor

*denotes bespoke to Suara Sound Academy and are channelled frequencies

Course content variable

You will learn how to use the tuning forks on yourself for deep vibrational healing and release any stuck chi that is not serving you at this time

You will learn how to do full and comprehensive treatments on other people

You will work with nature and the elements

You may enjoy a process of change and self awareness

You will spend 5-7 days with like minded people being immersed in Sacred Sound


What are sacred sounds?
Highly sensitive people
What are energy centers? (chakras) and our auric field? What do/can they do?
Vibrational energy
DrEmoto (thoughts, words and actions on water)
Vibrational energy healing - energy density
Meditation, Relaxation and Breathing
DNA and how it works with frequency
12 strand DNA awareness
The relationship of the energy centres to the endocrine system and the physical organs associated to each chakra, ill health, dis-ease
Importance of the pineal and thymus gland
What are tuning forks? What do they do and who uses them?
OM and 528 uses
Other uses for the tuning forks
How to do healing on oneself, others, using all the forks in the programme
The Sacred Solfeggio Scale and the history
Full Sacred Solfeggio Tuning Fork frequencies and uses
Releasing past life, karmic blocks and ancestral memory patterns using sound
Chime bars and chime pipes
Using the voice
How to check the energy centres using a pendulum
Use of pendulums and reading results
Using colour and crystals in a healing session
Connection with nature, the elements and elementals
Singing Bowls for Chakra Blessings
Heartbeat Drumming
Percussion Symphony
Sound Journeying Performance

5-7 day intensive course plus 1 assessment day (one to one - included in investment)

Case studies need to be completed * All learning needs will be met

Courses held at Polhilsa House Retreat, Polhilsa, Near Callington,

Residential option available (NOT included in the course investment)


"Before I came on the course I was muddling through life as best I could, really struggling..but now, after working with these wonderful ancient healing codes of vibration I feel like I have my power back and my sail is up, I can sail through what ever life throws at me. I’m so fired up and ready to share this with others in my work, to help them see that life can be so free. Debbi Walker you really are a blessing to us all ?? I personally feel that we still have a lot more to see from you yet! Very exciting! Thank you both for a lovely stay at your beautiful home. Lots and lots of love to you and the ladies whom I now call sisters. ?? ?? ?? have you ever eaten so many choccy biscuits! We must have got through ten packets at least haha xxx" KM

Wow I have had an incredible journey. My heart was starting to struggle, where I couldn’t possibly give any more and now it is so big and open and I have more love than ever to give. I have cried and laughed with the most beautiful ladies and loving doggies. I have a felt safe and held the entire time. I’m sad this week has come to an end but very excited about what the future brings. I am pleased I have found the tuning forks. My life has already changed, may that continue. I cannot remember a time when I felt such calmness. Thank you. LC

This course is truly ‘forking amazing’. Debbi gives everyone a really warm welcome. A scientific background and clear explanations gives a solid grounding to how the tuning forks work…and then there are the tuning forks. The sounds which are the second teacher on the course. Einstein said ‘You cannot solve a problem with the same level of consciousness that created it’. Well these forks alter consciousness, each fork has a different effect. Now I feel anything is possible. I feel reborn. What amazing tools these are. This course should be taught in every school, we will have a different society if they were. Thank you Debbi it’s been an honour and a privilege. Transformational. The soup is delicious. Also if you’re thinking of doing this course, do not hesitate its ‘forking amazing’ CB

I have enjoyed learning all about the healing power of the various tuning forks. I’ve also enjoyed giving and receiving treatment. I had no idea so many different tuning forks existed. I have enjoyed spending time with other healers on their personal journey. I particularly enjoyed meeting sound practitioners who have already completed the course and are learning how to use it in their everyday life. The class size is nice as is the space, the classroom. The course is very well put together and everything it’s explained clearly and slowly. I loved having the journal and the purple pen the pendulum and the manual and I’m looking forward to reading it. It was a pleasure to share your home and meet your dogs. I’m looking forward to taking the sound healing to Lupton House and supporting those who visit us with cancer diagnosis and bereavement and supporting those who visit us with depression and anxiety at the drop-in healing centre where I work as a volunteer healer and therapist. Thank you Debbi for enabling me to move on from my grief. I feel more at peace with myself and aware home let go of all my bags to move forward. Bless you. FD

I am so grateful to have attended this course. I knew it be powerful work and I wasn’t wrong! Being immersed in the love of you, Debbi, and the group being so very tender with each other it brought so much peacefulness to my little world. I now value silence more than I ever did, that silence of just sitting with no mind is very hard for me having such an active mind. The sounds have taught me to switch off. To be in the joy of just sitting quietly. I feel more open now than before this with more sure connection to all that is, without the need or the desire to speak, almost as if we can hear words and needs et cetera without them leaving our mouths. I’m very in love with the coming months ahead, to share the sounds with others and see what arises in my life. I am really very happy to have my sound toolkit for healing our fractured Soul family. Thank you so much, I love you. PR

Please email suarasound@gmail.com for more information

  • Category : Sound Therapy
  • Start Date : 08-11-2019
  • End Date : 24-05-2019
  • Facilitator : Debbi Walker
  • Time : 10am - 5pm
  • Address : Polhilsa House
  • Contact Name : Debbi Walker
  • Contact Email : suarasound@gmail.com
  • Contact Phone : +447946310239
  • Pricing Details : £695
  • Website : www.suarasoundhealing.com
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