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Shirlie Roden

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Poland, WARSAW - Find Your Power Sound, Shirlie Roden, ul. Nowolipki 21 A 01-006 Warsaw, Poland, 17 Mar 2018

In English with Polish translation

We are incredibly powerful beings but mainly we are in denial of this. There are two basic tribes – Love and Fear, but which do you belong to? The choice is yours, because the most powerful place we can live in is the present moment.

Using sound meditation and chanting, this workshop will enable you to connect to the Now with focused breathing, go within to face and release your greatest fears, and find your own Power sound which you can use in your daily life to help you stand strong and free in the present tense of who you truly are.

  • Category : Sound Healing
  • Start Date : 17-03-2018
  • End Date : 17-01-2018
  • Facilitator : Shirlie Roden
  • Time : 10.30 am - 17.30 pm
  • Address : ul. Nowolipki 21 A 01-006 Warsaw, Poland
  • Contact Name : Agnieszka Jurko
  • Contact Email : agnieszka@agnieszkajurko.pl
  • Contact Phone : 0048 501 625 528
  • Pricing Details :
  • Website : www.agnieszkajurko.pl
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