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UK, WEST SUSSEX - Professional Diploma in Group Voice Arts Therapy , Lyz Cooper and team, University of Chichester, Bognor Regis Campus, 13 Jun 2019

• We love what we do!
• We believe in making a difference with therapeutic sound and music
• We use the latest research in neuroscience, music psychology and sound cognition as well as years
of in-house research and development to support our work
• We are passionate about creating positive, vibrant and informative learning spaces
• Our aim is to support our students to build healthy and thriving practices

Professional Diploma in Group Voice Arts Therapy
There is a growing understanding of the positive impact that arts- based therapeutic sessions can have on health and wellbeing. By supplementing medicine and care, the voice-arts can improve the health of people who experience mental or physical health challenges.
This course is particularly beneficial for people working in (or wanting to work in) the following areas:

The arts/drama
Mental health
Health Humanities
Complementary and mainstream healthcare
Personal development and self help
Spiritual health and development
Occupational Therapy
Sonic art/art installations
Community Arts or Health Projects

Day 1 – The Therapeutic Power of Vocal Connection and Expression
We will explore different exercises to develop the voice and uncover hidden vocal potential. We will also work with fun, creative and interactive vocal games, warm-ups and ice-breakers to enable groups to experience the therapeutic power of vocal connection and expression. Improvisation is an important part of life – we will look at what’s going on in the brain when we improvise and the therapeutic benefits of vocal improvisation.

Day 2 – ‘Songlines’ – Telling Stories Without Words
Tone Poems are a modern-day representation of the ancient practice of sharing language. We will discuss the therapeutic application of tone poems and also looking at singing our stories and bringing gentle movement and voice together as a creative and expressive therapeutic art-form.

Day 3 – Voicescapes and Voice Art
Voicescapes are a way of painting pictures with the voice and can be direct representations of an art piece or they can tell a deep and meaningful story. During this day we will be learning about the therapeutic application and benefits of voicescaping including notation and how to translate two-dimensional art pieces into a four-dimensional voice-art pieces. We will explore different types of voicescape from abstract vocal pieces to dynamic and creative spectacular performances to successful and transformational groups.

Day 4 – Performance and Project Creation
Today we will be looking at performance and project creation and discussing the next part of the journey together – the case studies and community project.

Community Project
Together we will work on our chosen project coordinated and supported by Nicola Kelly, a BAST graduate Mentor with 20 years experience in Community Work specialising in the Arts for Health and Wellbeing. There will be webinars, meetings and templates to support you on the Learning Zone. BAST will collate the final audio files, visuals and data that you’ve gathered individually and create a final project presentation to benefit all.

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