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Simone Vitale

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Planet Earth, WORLDWIDE - SOUND THERAPY PRACTITIONER ONLINE, Simone Vitale, , 01 Oct 2021

Become a unique Sound Therapist!

With a grounded approach and a focus on factual aspects, this refined Sound Therapy Practitioner Training will accompany you on your journey of developing your unique way of working with Sound in a therapeutic setting with competence and professionalism.

This is for you if:
- You are interested in the healing power of Sound
- You are a therapist, yoga teacher, coach, body-worker, medical professional, energy healer, doula, musician who wants to integrate Sound Healing in your practice, classes, or events.
- You want to offer 1 on 1 Sound Therapy Sessions.
- You want to join one of the most rapidly growing field in the alternative healing industry.
After practising Sound Therapy for the last 15 years and teaching in-person intensively in New Zealand and Europe for the last 6 years, I am bringing all my experience to this comprehensive online practitioner training.

I am committed to providing in-depth and accurate training in order to contribute to the creation of a proper professional Sound Therapy field.

This one year Sound Therapy training is designed to teach both fundamental and advanced aspects of sound as a tool for healing and inner growth.

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