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Yoiking and the X factor

On Saturday night when, apparently, 20 million tuned in to watch the final of X factor, I spent the evening in the company of a group of Lifemusicians improvising music . (Lifemusicians refers to people who have completed the Lifemusic training at Chichester University). I cannot help reflecting that if any of those millions who were glued to the tv had any idea of the joys of \\\"yoiking\\\" then Simon Cowell would no longer have the hold he seems to have over the nation\\\'s musical psyche. Once people are able to get a taste of what it is like to make their own music, live, in the company of friends (and everyone can do it), then they might just choose this as a much more satisfying alternative. The cult of celebrity is built around people\\\'s capacity to project their own musical genie onto someone else and it is in the interests of the music industry to encourage them to do this. The musical genie is an extremely valuable aspect of soul and people like Simon Cowell, having learned how to tap into this tendency of people to give the responsibility of their music to others, makes a fortune out of it. But it would only take a small shift in understanding, experience and social perception for people to take back to themselves the music that belongs to them. And it might also cure Mr. Cowell of his impossible smugness! the way...\\\"yoiking\\\" is a form of vocal improvisation employed by the Sami in northern Europe. I\\\'m not sure whether we do it authentically but it is really serious fun.

24 Dec 2009

Yoiking is the best way I know to honour my relationship with the natural world - a non competitive expression that is great either alone or amongst others. Thanks Rod for another thought provoking article

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