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Improvisation v Structure - An Organisational Paradox

Improvisation v. Structure: An Organisational Paradox read more

Improvisation, Chaos & Organisations

The Mastering Chaos approach employs music improvisation methodology as a very effective lens to examine team building issues and can be especially useful when things might be getting a little probl read more

The Experience Of Chaos - From The MASTERING CHAOS Library

We all have the hope that we live ordered lives. Life might, at least at the surface level, have that appearance. Humans generally have a strong desire for safety and with it certainty. In the absence of disturbing news it is possible to perceive of life as a 'calm sea' the waves gentle breaking on the shore. We can ignore the possibility of the storms which exist beyond the horizon. read more

Toxic Forms of Improvisation

Part of The Mastering Chaos: The Musicians Way Series of articles on how we as musicians work together as a group and what non-musicians could learn from us. The Mastering Chaos approach employs read more

Mastering Chaos: "Entrainment"

We often talk about people blissfully living in their 'bubble'. We talk about politicians living in their bubble of reality not necessarily aware of the lives of others. We run the risk of becoming entrained by our own 'bubbles'. Before you choose to believe that you don't have your own bubble just be aware that the likes of Google and Facebook know about your bubble. They like to feed your 'bubble'. They think they know what you like. read more

Mastering Chaos - Do we really know how to be creative? -

How free are we to make things up as we go along? Or do we just follow the rules? read more

Mastering Chaos® A Leadership Workshop - Andrew Hodges

Musical leadership is leading 'in the moment', guiding multiple strands of simultaneous activities. Leadership doesn't get more complex than this. Musicians must lead themselves and their 'team', i.e. their band or orchestra, in a variety of different styles to suit the piece. The leadership style must 'fit', relate to what is happening now, with a sense of what's coming towards them, hopefully leading to the best outcome. read more


Ive been giving some thought to those internet surveillance and tracking revelations (known as PRISM) which appeared recently in the press and internet blogs and wondered whether our experie read more

The Successful Improvising Organisation: The Pre-conditions

It is my belief that the behaviours and processes that underpin the improvisational metaphor go way beyond musical boundaries. They can even be related directly to the causes of current world economi read more

Just Firefighting? (Part 2) - The TROUBLE WITH IMPROVISATION

In the article Just Firefighting which I published last year, I referred to musical improvisation as a possible metaphor for non-musical improvisation. However there is a major problem with improvisat read more


We learn through playing. Okay, we learn through other methods also like practise, repetition,experience and tutoring, but play is surely the most joyful and, more importantly, sub-conscious method o read more

Improv at Edinburgh

I have just returned from two weeks at the Edinburgh festival, playing keyboards for Music Box. We do full improvised muscals based on audience suggestions. Now I know that improvised musicals have read more

Just Firefighting?

One or two people may know that whilst I can turn my hand to a decent bit of violin improvisation I spend a considerable amount of time working with the business community developing business teams. read more

Improvisational Worlds

New Horizons for both the Musician and the Non-musician , Trained or Untrained This short article describes how the potential of music improvisation might offer an effective route for the progressive read more

The Magic of Group Free Intuitive Music Improvisation

There are many different interpretations of the meaning of music improvisation. For many, when music improvisation is mentioned, jazz or Indian music may be brought to mind. Others may have experience read more

The chorus

The Chorus is the mainstay of comedy improvised songs. EVen when verses go awry, or amazing rhymes disappear, or the melody is ditched for a one-note song, the chorus can come along and leave a sense read more

Musical Improvised Comedy

I am still suffering flashbacks from our last comedy music improv weekend. Strange scenes of gyrating Paul McCartneys, uplifting duets in space, filth and fury in Primark and unmentionable scenes i read more

Chopin and Poland, Music, Folklore and Contemporary Art

All Sound Travels members warmly invited to attend. read more

Musicmaking and Healing the Breach

I &ndash Mythmaking In the eons long life of the world soul, each great revolution on the axis mundi corresponds to an age in the slow working out of the destiny of our own ancient but still young sp read more

Participative Spiritual Inquiry and the Music & Psyche enterprise

ABSTRACT The Common Ground Report (CGR) (Scientific &amp Medical (S&ampM) Network Review 98, pp24-27), exhibits similarities with reports of outcomes of group musical improvisation modalities develop read more


Musical improvisation is not played out in a stylistic vacuum. While its very nature is spontaneous and psychic, allowing the right brain free rein, the messages received are filtered through the lef read more

Stockhausen - Questions and answers on Intuitive Music Pt 1

(This discussion took place during the lecture Live Electronic and Intuitive Music given on November 15th 1971 at the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London. The lecture with discussion was film read more

Stockhausen - Questions and answers on Intuitive Music Pt 3

Question: What happens if you repeat a piece like ES in the coming weeks? Surely you must be bound, having once played in a certain way, to remember certain details and thus to play it simil read more

Stockhausen - Questions and answers on Intuitive Music Pt 2

Question: You say that you call this music Intuitive Music because improvisation is always related to a certain system Stockhausen: Style Question: to a pattern. What about read more


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