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Flow: In Music And Beyond - Andrew Hodges

Flow is a state of deep concentration and absorption in an activity. It is often characterised by a sense of timelessness, effortless effort, and complete involvement in the task at hand. read more

The Next Level Science of Sound Healing

Discover how to Heal Yourself & Evolve your Consciousness through the Power of Frequency Medicine & Cymatics read more

Why Soundwork Research Matters

As I write my new book, Soundwork on a Hot Rock, I’m tracking the impact of intentional music and sound on our culture. read more

Is this Your Musical RDA? The Optimum Dose of Music Listening for Health and Wellbeing

Research by Lyz Cooper of The British Academy of Sound Therapy for Deezer read more

Music Medicine: Sound At A Cellular Level by Dr. Lee Bartel

Ted Talk read more

Is Music Important to Your Health and Wellbeing?

A call out to passionate music people to help us to find out more. Take part in research in collaboration with Deezer, the Global music streaming service read more

Somnus X - Research into improving sleep a success

45% felt they got a better nights sleep after listening to Somnus X read more

Music to Make Counting Sheep a Thing of the Past?

LACK OF SLEEP &ndash A SERIOUS WORLDWIDE EPIDEMIC According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), &lsquoinsufficient sleep is a public health epidemic linked to motor vehicle crashes, industrial d read more


The Universe as a Symphony of Strings What do Fifth Century B.C. Pythagoreans have in common with modern state-of-the art cosmologists &amp physicists? In a word - strings! For the ancient Greek Py read more

Sound as a Therapy: A Brief Historical Overview

The popularity of working with Sound in a therapeutic manner has been with us for at least 14,000 years. Evidence through Archeomusicology and Ethnomusicology provides a clear picture that today’s pop read more

Sound Affects: Sound Therapy, Altered States of Consciousness and Improved Health and Wellbeing

Abstract A study using a specific method of sound therapy (Himalayan singing bowls, transitioning to Gongs, transitioning to crystal singing bowls, transitioning to therapeutic percussion) was deli read more

Sound and Body Acoustic Intelligence (SABAI)

Sound and Body Acoustic Intelligence using Tuning Fork Sound Therapy is a simple system I have developed using Tuning Forks to potentially relieve pain in individuals. The pain can be physical, emotio read more

A Sound Journey to the Heart

We all share something in common, which is almost a rarity in todays world of discursive thinking. The belief that sound and music can change ones personal perspective, and more importantly their read more

Music and the Process of Dying

I am currently undertaking a research programme looking at the use of music during the dying process. There is a wealth of research to support the therapeutic benefits of sound for health and well-bei read more

Sound: The Language of the Body

Sound: the Language of the Body Studies are popping up all over &ndash showing that the language of the body is sound. Invisible sound waves are the body&rsquos; secret communication system! Understan read more


HIMALAYAN SOUND REVELATIONS The Complete Singing Bowl Book by Frank Perry (including Cymatic Photography by John Stuart Reid) Polair Publishing ( P/B 509 pages read more

Sound Ecology p. 1 – Music for a special time

Exploring the concepts of “sustainability” and “ethics” from a musical perspective. From Wikipedia: The word sustainability is derived from the Latin “sustinere” (tenere, to hold sus,up)[...] read more

Sound To Kill or Sound to Heal?

Noise harms and even kills. There is nowwealth of evidence about the harmful effect of noise. According to a 1999 U.S. Censusreport, Americans named noise as the number one problem in neighborho read more

The Science of Hearing

The Science of Hearing The human hearing range is between 20 to 20,000 Hz. There is considerable variation in the hearing range between individuals. Most young people can hear up to 18,000 Hz. read more

Music of the Mind

Music of the Mind Last month I was honoured to be part of two wonderful charity events both of which have prompted me to think more deeply about the essential contribution of music to healthy mental read more

News Flash – Singing is Good For You!

News Flash &ndash Singing is Good For You! From &lsquoFrontiers in Auditory Cognitive Neuroscience&rsquo we have some great news! &lsquoChoir singing connects respiration and heart activity. Cou read more


Ive been giving some thought to those internet surveillance and tracking revelations (known as PRISM) which appeared recently in the press and internet blogs and wondered whether our experie read more


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